Winter returns to the east

Winter returns to the east

Drivers nationwide should be prepared for heavy traffic and congestion at the start of the christmas vacations, advises the german automobile association (ADAC). Especially on the routes to the winter sports areas it could get tight. Deutsche bahn expects roughest rush this saturday.

On 22. Most train passengers are expected to be on their way to their relatives by december, a railroad spokeswoman said in berlin on wednesday. A large number of long-distance passengers are expected on friday already. The railroad is therefore using additional trains, which are already noted in the timetables. On the internet pages of the railroads, especially heavily booked routes get a warning notice. Accordingly, it is possible to use other connections, the spokeswoman said. But if the winter weather is calm, the railroad assumes "that everything will run smoothly". According to the railroads, the 26th day of the year will be the busiest. And 27. December to be.

According to the german automobile association (ADAC), there will be heavy traffic on the autobahns at the start of the christmas vacations on friday and saturday (21 and 23)./22.12) give the rough traffic jam danger. On the holidays themselves it will remain rather quiet. In austria, italy and switzerland, too, many drivers got stuck in traffic jams on major travel routes and on connections to winter sports areas. Before new year’s eve, the car club expects a second wave of travel, which on 28./29. December could lead to traffic jams.

The weather is expected to be wet in the west and frosty in the east at christmas, said meteorologist dorothea paetzold of the german weather service (DWD) in offenbach on wednesday. How much snow there will be in the east is still unclear, however. However, it will become colder and colder from day to day, as the wind will gradually shift to an easterly direction.

Where mild and cold air meet, there may be dangerous freezing rain and slippery roads. "We don’t know yet exactly where the limit will settle," said paetzold. To the west, the low pressure system "petra" will bring more and more rain, and on friday also snow. The east will be supplied with frosty temperatures by cold-high "thomas", there the snowfalls will arrive only on saturday. And so the daytime temperatures in the west are above and in the east below the zero-degree mark.

Due to the heavy rains of the past few days and the thaw, the levels of many rivers have already risen significantly. Shipping on the upper rhine between baden-baden and germersheim was suspended on wednesday night because the water level at maxau near karlsruhe had reached the critical mark of 7.50 meters. But the water level fell again afterwards.

Koln prepared for a stronger rhine flood. With a water level of around 6.77 meters, the first parts of the banks were under water on wednesday, according to the flood protection headquarters. Ships were only allowed to sail in the middle of the rhine river.

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