Weilersbacher missing on the wallberg

Weilersbacher missing on the wallberg

The group had hiked to the plateau of the wallberg. When the hikers were back at the gondola station, striegel had been around 15.30 o’clock from the group separated. Having lost his ticket for the gondola ride, striegel decided to go to fub. The flight from the mountain station to the valley took him no more than an hour. But he never arrived.

As willi sigel, the head of police bad wiessee, told the FT on tuesday, the weilersbacher is wanted since his disappearance by 15 active of the mountain guard and by an alpine troop of the prasidium. Five search dogs and three salvagers are on the job – since yesterday also a bundeswehr helicopter. But because of the fog the search had to be interrupted repeatedly.

The case is "not commonplace, willi sigel says. Because in the meantime there are two independent witnesses who have identified the missing man around 16.45 o’clock between the mountain railroad and the summit. That would mean that michael striegel had not wandered talwarts, but took the way bergauarts, after he had separated from the group. "It is not logical, we can only guess", rats the chief of police from bad wiessee. The police are investigating "in all directions", says sigel. In any case, the intensive search with dogs and helicopters will continue until thursday.

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