Uncomfortable truths

Uncomfortable truths

On sunday at 13.26 o'clock achim hirsch will board the train and set off for berlin. There he is in the evening at 21.45 o'clock with gunther jauch live in the tv studio as a guest. Hirsch is not excited, he says, even though last sunday's live broadcast was watched by 4.45 million viewers. "I am calm about it", according to hirsch. "But gunther jauch is of course already champions league", he says.
The topic of the broadcast will be fuel prices. Above all, the record prices at the zapfsaule and the opaque pricing policy will be discussed. "The situation of the gas station leaseholders will also be addressed and discussed with invited guests from politics, the mineral oil association, the media and celebrities", tells hirsch.
Three-time formula 1 world champion niki lauda and FDP secretary general patrick doring will be among the speakers. In his function as a service station consultant, achim hirsch will represent the interests of service station operators.
For about two years, adelsdorfer has been advising gas station leaseholders on their contracts with the mineral oil companies. For four years, hirsch had leased a gas station himself. As he says on his website, he experienced for himself that the mineral oil companies are willing to use almost any means to enforce their interests.

Hirsch has experience

Their goal was to "starve the already financially strapped partners at the outstretched arm", there he is. Due to his many years of experience in the industry, as a tenant and as a consultant, he now has good information networks at his disposal.
For hirsch, the question as to the cause of the price hikes is also clear: "the price hikes are currently being driven by the mineral oil companies, he says. They will certainly keep a close eye on him on sunday evening, because the views he represents are quite inconvenient for the mineral oil companies. "That's why I have to be careful what I say. But I will not tell anything that does not correspond to reality", says hirsch. That's why the corporations won't be able to do anything to him, he continues.
The service station consultant was already seen on television on wednesday, when he spoke about the problems faced by lessees on the program plusminus. "Because of the TV report on plusminus, I was invited by the editors of gunther jauch", tells hirsch. Only on thursday he gave an interview for the radio station antenne thuringen. "I'm sure there will be more statements to come," he says, he says. And that's exactly what he wants to do: make the general public aware of the issue and encourage discussion.

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