Two “crazy runners” master the borderland ultratrail in thuringia

Two 'crazy runners' master the borderland ultratrail in thuringia

In the anniversary year of reunification, the organizers of the borderland ultratrail again attracted several hundred runners to gleichamberg in the district of hildburghausen after a break of several years. The name of the town was programmed, because the local mountains – the "grobe" and the "kleiner gleichberg" – were a prominent part of the running routes.

Two "crazy runners" as well from the frankenwald made their way to neighboring thuringia to collect eventful running kilometers: markus franz completed the 20 kilometers of the "keltentrail" and thomas kamprath ventured on the 50-kilometer distance "borderland ultra. At quite fresh temperatures both ran a solid race. Franz ran as overall 19. To the target, kamprath was killed on his way 21.

The demanding tours offered great views, border experiences and also some high meters. The 1200 meters of altitude of the ultra course also included the 750 meters of altitude of the 20-kilometer distance. A handmade medal and a finisher’s gift were the reward for the strenuous kilometers. Both frankenwald runners made some participants want to visit one or the other event on the french side next year

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