Trio of the bsc reuth travels to the “german” one

trio of the bsc reuth travels to the

Among the more than 500 participants in the bavarian indoor archery championship in munich there were also five athletes from the BSC reuth, two of whom made it onto the winners' podium.
Completely unexpectedly ute hetz could call up her personal best performance with 545 of 600 possible rings and secured the title of a bavarian vice champion in the ladies master class with the recurve bow.
Before judith romer had already played in the schoolgirls class A with laura gessner (SV moosbach) and jennifer wettengel (SSV rehau) in a tournament which was exciting up to the last arrow.
After the first half, romer was still tied for first place with gessner, but in the second round, unlike her main competitors, she was unable to improve her score. In the end, the talented rider from reuth came in third, tied with the second-place finisher wettengel, who, however, had a larger number of ten-round shots.
Jakob hetz (men's recurve class) was able to compete in two important tournaments at once. First, he competed in reutlingen with the BTS bayreuth team on the last day of competition in the second national league and, with his excellent performance, made a significant contribution to promotion to the first national league. Bundesliga at.
Less than 24 hours later, he had to compete in the "bavarian" championship against high-caliber competition. Although the forces towards the end of the tournament noticeably decreased, hetz reached with 567 of 600 possible rings the seventh place among 68 participants. Carola michel (junior recurve) competed for the first time at a bavarian championship and could reach eighth place at her debut. Peter troger (men's class compound bow) fell a little short of his potential and finished a respectable 14th. Place.
The members are looking forward to the coming weekend, when the qualification ring numbers for the german indoor championships will be announced. Due to the achieved results judith romer, jakob hetz and ute hetz will represent the BSC reuth at the german indoor championships in solingen. 

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