“Tour of the senses”: physical phenomena can be explored at the cvg

A very special exhibition can be seen at caspar-vischer-gymnasium: the P-seminar physics under the direction of michael nitschke has created the traveling exhibition "tour der sinne" (tour of the senses) brought from nurnberg to kulmbach. "We want to bring the natural sciences closer to schoolchildren and all those who are interested", says physics teacher nitschke. At 23 stations you can train up to 26. October physical phenomena are explored.

"Magic block"

"It’s all about perception", according to the teacher. The perception was always in the context, you could not turn off certain things. For example, at the "magische klotze" station, where a small metal block that you lift appears heavier than if you lift it together with a coarser wooden block. Nitschke: "this impression is conveyed by the smaller contact surface, where you have to grip more firmly. This makes the brain think it has something heavier in its hands." It is not possible to train this, it is impossible to trace it in any other way.

District administrator klaus peter sollner (freie wahler) was also impressed, trying out a station that uses special glasses to distort the field of vision. But sollner proved to have sufficient ball skills as an athlete, and his brain quickly adapted to the situation.

Principal ulrike endres buried the "tour of the senses" campaign, which offers many schoolchildren in the district the opportunity to experience the subject area of physics in an exciting way. "More than 600 schoolchildren from the district registered for the event." The equivalent of 28 school classes. The exhibition is also expected to attract a large number of interested visitors from outside the school. This is the "tour of the senses" next wednesday, thursday and saturday (17., 18. And 20. October) from 1 to 5 p.M. For external visitors, children, young people and adults in the forum of the CVG.

The "lost colors"

For the opening of the exhibition, the students of class 5d were the first to take a "tour of the senses" from nurnberg to kulmburg and they were eager to do so. Simon bidermann and gwendolyn whetzal explored how a stencil can be used to change color gradients. Marisa lissner, ida groh and hanna salzer tried their hand at the "lost colors" station. "Trying things out for yourself is a lot of fun, said marisa lissner, and all three agreed: "nature and technology" one of their favorite subjects. "We also have a great teacher", they revealed. "Zebra box", "coffee exchange", "hand of rubber" or "apples – the hands-on stations have sonorous names and harbor surprising things to discover in the exhibition.

It cost over 4000 euros. The money was financed with donations, first of all with 3000 euro, which the rainer-markgraf-foundation from bayreuth contributed. "I congratulate the district on an active school, the school on active teachers and the teachers on determined school workers – such people are needed in society", said florian prosch, the representative of the foundation. The other sponsors were the county of kulmbach, the municipal utility of kulmbach and the VR bank oberfranken mitte.

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