Time is running out for the indoor swimming pool

Time is running out for the indoor swimming pool

After a session lasting almost four hours, the youngest meeting of the city council received the surprising announcement that in mid september andreas halboth had given up his commission to carry out a comparative calculation for the city of munnerstadt between demolition and renovation of the indoor swimming pool. During the meeting, mayor helmut blank (CSU) read out the letter in which halboth justifies his withdrawal with the changed conditions of the contract. The cost comparison between redevelopment and demolition was the demand of a positive referendum in 2016. The decision also halted the demolition of the bath until the end of 2017.
Mayor helmut blank negated the 3. Mayor axel knauff (SPD) with emphatically asked whether blank had spoken with the architect in advance of this cancellation and whether blank had interfered in the work of the working group. His questions to the mayor and the subsequent no of the mayor dear axel knauff record in the minutes of the meeting.
When asked how things will proceed now, mayor helmut blank emphasized that there are contacts with two offices. Blank emphasized that a decision should be made as early as this week. In response to a question from this newspaper, the planning office baur consult stated that it would make a decision next week. According to the blank, baur-consult was the second most favorable bidder in the previous invitation to tender. He will have to get to grips with all the other questions, said blank.
Until 18. December, the committee is bound by the referendum. For axel knauff, what was interesting in this context was what the city council would do if on 18. No result available by december."We can rub off", was the opinion of city councillor klaus schebler (neue wege), who has long been arguing for the demolition of the swimming pool. "We can say that we are working on it cleanly", countered axel knauff, who pleaded for the matter to go ahead as planned. With the then 2. Mayor michael kastel (CSU) had agreed to a review, knauff said. Kastl is again surprised about the timing of halboth's cancellation. Andreas halboth, who is currently on vacation, had justified this in his written statement by stating that the original specifications of the offer were considerably less comprehensive than those that were desired in july when the contract was finally awarded. In addition, the new task had made it compulsory to charge according to the fee regulation for architects, which, in his opinion, was not yet required when the bid was submitted in march. In addition, the time frame until december is too tight for this extended scope.

Good cooperation
The working group "indoor swimming pool has its first meeting after the summer break today wednesday. According to axel knauff, halboth had announced the first comparative results for september in july. Knauff praises the cooperation with the planner to date. Instead of dealing with the results, the committee now has to ask itself in the meeting how things are going to proceed. Mayor helmut blank said in the meeting that he would come to the discussion of the working group.
The result of the referendum does not obligate the city of munnerstadt to provide any swimming facilities until 18.12.2017 comparative calculations to be dealt with in the city council, the district office informs at the request of this newspaper. Within this year, however, it is prevented from passing and implementing other resolutions or changing the result of the referendum. At the end of the year, the decision to demolish the indoor swimming pool could be carried out, according to the legal information from the district administration office. An extension of the commitment period of one year is not provided for by law.How the implementation of the burger decision will proceed is to be discussed at the city council meeting on 28. September to be spoken.

Here is a comment on the topic

It is remarkable that just at the time when mayor helmut blank has recovered and takes up his duties, the trouble about the indoor swimming pool flares up again and the planner gives back his order.
It is indeed the case that the withdrawal of the order from andreas halboth plays into the hands of the mayor in particular. This was probably also the reason for axel knauff's question in the city council as to whether the mayor did not indirectly influence the work of the "indoor swimming pool" working group a committee that had been working on the indoor swimming pool for months without helmut blank's involvement. He certainly did not like this defensive role.
For now the cards seem to be reshuffled again – this time in the mayor's favor. The fact alone that such a far-reaching topic was presented to the city council in passing at the end of a public meeting lasting almost four hours under the agenda item "announcements" is a cause for concern is foisted, speaks already gang. "I am just as desperate as the rest of the city", axel knauff commented on the new situation on tuesday.
But also the other opponents of the indoor swimming pool in the committee are probably not inconvenienced by the time pressure caused by the vacancy of the planner.
Klaus schebler made it clear at the city council meeting that after 18. December the demolition is a possibility. As of this date, the city is no longer bound by the referendum.

Time plays along
So it is actually enough to play for time now. Every week that passes without a new planning office calculating the cost comparison between a pool renovation and the demolition of the building, blank also comes closer to the goal of finally sealing the end of the indoor pool. Because from 19.December the city council decision of demolition is valid again. Of course: the city council can override its own decision and finally put this calculation on the table, which is desired by the majority of the citizens. This hope has 3. Mayor axel knauff . In response to a question from this newspaper, he emphasizes that no money is currently budgeted for demolition.
The renewed conflict over the indoor swimming pool also highlights the weakness of the referendum. The vague wording raised hopes that the rudder might still be rubbed around, but it was never a binding order to the city council to preserve the indoor swimming pool.
If the mayor is still sure of his majorities, all he really has to do now is wait…

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