Thick air behind the mask: bamberger pays off the burden of wearing it

Thick air behind the mask: bamberger pays off the burden of wearing it

Eva kaul (name changed) helped a patient in a hospital in the bamberg region take a shower. In the warm, humid air under the mouth-nose protection, she found it hard to breathe, then her eyes went black. Not the only complaint she suffers from constantly wearing a mask. "I got headaches and migraine attacks right from the start", tells the mid-thirties. In addition, she says, she has found it increasingly difficult to concentrate. For example, she said, she noticed how she had to check again and again when providing the medication. "I have a great responsibility – to the patients and to my own health." That’s why they gave notice during their probationary period.

It’s not the fault of colleagues and management: "I felt really comfortable," she says. And I would go back to work as soon as the mask requirement was abolished", says kaul.

An isolated case? Complaints during work under the mask are in any case "not a mass phenomenon" in the clinics, says brigitte dippold, spokeswoman for the bamberg social foundation. "Masks are nothing unusual in a hospital." There are departments such as those for premature births or other immunocompromised persons, where the wearing is always obligatory, regardless of corona. When employees are alone in the office or on break, they are also allowed to remove the mouth-nose protection and breathe through it. "I think it’s more stressful for people outside the medical sector who are not used to it."

As for christoph koll. "I understand that the mask must be compulsory. But it is not already", says the bar manager of the bamberger restaurant "zapfhahn". Employees in the catering industry must wear a mask if they cannot keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters from guests and colleagues "almost always in our case". After several sweaty shifts in a row, "the next day I feel like I’ve smoked three packs of cigarettes and wake up with a sore throat and a cough". Work is generally more strenuous, especially in warm temperatures, and one must be careful to drink plenty of water and to breathe deeply during quiet periods. This way the discomfort can be at least somewhat alleviated.

Alleviate discomfort

Medical journals also advise this. Because covering the mouth and nose for a long time can dry out the mucous membranes. To alleviate typical complaints such as sore throat and prevent infections, regular moistening is important. It is best to drink at least two liters of liquid throughout the day. Teas with soothing ingredients such as coltsfoot, mallow, marshmallow or sage are also recommended. Sage tea not only moistens the mucous membranes, but also relieves pain and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Candies or lozenges can also be used to protect the mucous membranes. In addition, they can be sucked behind the mask in stressful times.

If headaches or dizziness occur as a result of wearing a mouth-nose protection, as in the case of nurse kaul, these could be the first signs of hypercapnia, i.E. An elevated level of carbon dioxide in the blood. A small hollow space in the mask between the mouth and nose can make it easier to breathe and also ensures that the fabric is not pressed against the nose when breathing in. In addition, breaks to breathe deeply are recommended.

Hairdresser and master hairdresser tanja arnold-petter also uses it. I don’t have any complaints and I personally don’t feel the mask anymore", says the chairman of the hairdressers guild bamberg. Only a few colleagues complained of sore throats, most of them coped very well.

"It is a pity only for older customers, who have a hard time hearing and read lips a lot. Unfortunately, they are disadvantaged."

But that’s why it’s even more important that everyone adheres to the protective measures. So that it can go on without a mask when the pandemic is over. "The decrease in the number of infections shows that it has helped.

Additional info: who has to wear a mask and where?

Where masks are compulsory in bavaria for visitors to businesses, doctors’ surgeries, airports, train stations, television stations, beer gardens, opera houses and some hospitals and care facilities. Shopping salespersons and cashiers have had to wear masks since 17 years. June no longer wear a mask; plexiglass discs will suffice. Masks are still mandatory for customers.

Passengers must wear protection on airplanes, long-distance trains and buses. Also in check-in halls and train stations.

Practices in doctors’ offices and with therapists masks are compulsory for everyone. There are exceptions for treatments that were not possible in this way – for example, at the dentist’s. Food& drinking for picking up food does not require a mask. But it is recommended to wear it. In restaurants and beer gardens, guests must put on a mask at the reception, on the way to the table and to the toilet. The waiters are always discriminated against if they cannot keep a distance of 1.5 meters from guests or colleagues. Culture& church in cinemas, theaters and at concerts may not wear mouth-nose protection as of 1. July be taken off at the place. The new rule is based on the concept of church services, according to which the mask only has to be worn until one is seated at one’s designated place of worship.

Children the mask is compulsory from the sixth birthday onwards. Penalties in case of death a fine of around 150 euros can be levied. Shopkeepers can forbid people who do not wear a mask to enter their shop.

Exceptions who suffers from a disability that makes wearing a mask "unreasonable" makes, or asthma and COPD sufferers, do not have to wear any protection. Important: the affected must carry an informal confirmation from their doctor, which makes these restrictions credible. The person suffering from the disease, as well as other people, can take away the protection for communication. Makl

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