Solar park on the railroad line officially inaugurated

Solar park on the railroad line officially inaugurated

For the first time in the region, a photovoltaic plant is being operated by an organization that sees its goals in peace, people's understanding and the creation of humane living conditions all over the world. "Part of the proceeds will go to social projects", announced erwin richter, project representative of the rotary club obermain, at the inauguration last tuesday.

Members of the rotary club held shares in the solar park as limited partners. They had agreed to use part of the proceeds from this plant for social projects. "The rotarians are thus taking the opportunity to contribute to the success of the energy turnaround in germany on the one hand and to support a project that also benefits the people in the region on the other.", said richter. Examples of such social services include the food bank in lichtenfels and the support of schools in the district in providing nutritional counseling for children.

Udo mohrstedt, CEO of IBC solar AG, and project developer oliver partheymuller explained details of the project. The plant, planned by the company IBC in close cooperation with the municipality and the rotary club obermain, was built in just five weeks. The open-space photovoltaic system with a total output of 1.3 megawatt-peak produces around 1.28 million kilowatt hours a year. In addition, the solar park will generate revenue over the next 20 years through the state-guaranteed feed-in tariff.

Business tax goes to the city
In addition to the rotary club obermain, representatives of the city and the district of lichtenfels also took part in the opening ceremony. Burgermeister bianca fischer was thrilled: "the plant is super. There is no better country", swarmed. With the "most beautiful solar park in the IBC the energy turnaround has begun in lichtenfels.
The deputy district administrator, helmut fischer, also buried the photovoltaic plant. He reminded the audience of the district's climate protection concept, in which a number of projects have already been implemented.

The solar park has been registered as a business in the seehof district, so that business tax revenues will flow into the city coffers over the next 20 years. The preparatory work necessary for the construction of the park was carried out by companies based in the region. Care and maintenance contracts were also awarded locally.

The 2.3 hectare site is ideally suited for a ground-mounted system. The flat site slopes slightly to the southeast and is located above important visual axes, so that the visual impact on the landscape is minimal.

The grid connection for feeding the solar power produced is ensured by an existing transformer station only 100 meters away. Over the next 20 years – as long as the feed-in tariff for solar power is guaranteed by the renewable energies act (EEG) – the PV modules will produce clean electricity and save the environment around 745 tons of the climate gas CO 2 per year .

Mohrstedt criticizes protection tariffs
Against the backdrop of numerous insolvencies in the solar industry, udo mohrstedt criticized protective tariffs on chinese solar modules, which only made the systems more expensive, and the revenues were skimmed off by the government. "We have to get back to why we are making the energy transition: it's about the future of our country's security and prosperity. Energy policy must serve to avert the most serious consequences of climate change. That's why it makes sense to use the upcoming change of the obsolete power plant park to switch to renewable energy and to expand it powerfully", he said. He would also drive an electric car in the future. But the electricity for this must not come from outdated coal-fired power plants, because that would do more harm to the environment than good.

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