Sibler explains education policy

Sibler explains education policy

Josef hofbauer

in the school town of ebermannstadt, mdl michael hofmann (CSU) buried bavarian education minister bernd sibler (CSU) on the eve of the old town festival with the confession that every child must be challenged according to its talents and possibilities, abilities and inclinations. The "egalitarianism of a uniform school hofmann also rejected the idea of participating in the beer tapping ceremony for the old town festival, a ceremony to which he had not received an invitation anyway.
A steep learning curve for the "youngster (original statement by michael hofmann) sibler (47) from plattling in lower bavaria. "You can’t run an education policy on ideology, underlined the father of two pubescent sons. Education policy must be geared to people’s needs, to the things that are important to them.

Call for all educational pathways

"In bavaria, a person doesn’t just start with the abitur", sibler emphasized. That’s why politicians from other federal states looked enviously at bavaria. In the meantime, 43 percent of the students here came through the technical high school and the vocational high school. The doors to universities are also open for master craftsmen. "If that’s what they want", according to sibler, who incidentally complained about the "too dry air" lamented at the lectern. After all, he had skipped the start of the gaubodenvolksfest in straubing for his appearance in ebermannstadt.
"If we spend a lot of money on students (the highest rate for students who no longer live with their parents is 735 euros a month, anm. D. Red.), we must also do something for craft training", confirmed bernd sibler. In this context, he referred to the additional mobile reserves at the vocational schools and the increased funding for the so-called master prize and the parental pride campaign, a concerted action of the ministry of education and the chamber of crafts.
A thousand additional teaching positions were to be created by 2025, promised the minister, who called for an "education package in the broad sense" announced. At the beginning of the 2018/19 school year, 4,200 new teachers were hired into the civil service.
At the height of the wave of refugees, 1300 new classes were created at vocational schools. "This is the only way integration can succeed", sibler emphasized.

Digitization progresses

The head of 6,000 schools, 150,000 teachers and 1.7 million schoolchildren also emphasized the state government’s efforts to digitize schools. 45,000 classrooms already meet this standard, and another 50,000 are to be brought up to the current standard in the next school year. This is made possible by a 90-percent demand for equipment by the state of bavaria. This year, the ministry of education will spend 150 million euros on this.
Bernd sibler emphasized that "technology must serve pedagogy". People must master technology, not the other way around." And: education in high schools should become more practice-oriented. As a first step, the minister of education mentioned vocational internships, which are to be made compulsory for the ninth grade of high schools. "Schoolchildren who worked during the vacations suddenly find school quite attractive again", sibler judged.

Educate and train

He emphasized: "we must make it so that young people are trained and educated at the same time. In a six-eye interview with mdl hofmann and our newspaper, sibler affirmed: "education begins in the parental home." In view of increasing deficits, the educational work in schools must once again be given a higher priority. For him, it is a personal concern to have teachers who are passionate about their work. His argument: "i only remember the particularly good and particularly bad teachers. People who did not leave me cold."
Just as important: the teachers had to be not only mediators of knowledge, but first and foremost role models. "We must set an example of our ideals to the children", demanded the education minister, who was visiting ebermannstadt for the first time. So that he can be the "capital of french switzerland – the secret sibler had painted himself – in good memory, the CSU local association presented him with a french schauferla and a second seidla beer. Not that the people of ebermannstadt are considered "starving victims" in munich apply.

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