Road improvement in eila and hummendorf should provide more safety

road improvement in eila and hummendorf should provide more safety

The county committee of the county of kronach can vote in its next meeting on 18. Marz traffic important points for two communities in the district of kronach set. In weibenbrunn and pressig, road construction measures are to contribute to greater safety. And in one case they could even be a driving force for the further development of the infrastructure.

"We will make a basic decision on the expansion of the KC5 district road in hummendorf at the meeting", explains landrat klaus loffler (CSU) in an interview with the frankischer tag to hope for an approval of the committee members. "Then we can get started with the plans." The cramped street there represents a source of danger.

District administrator went to the site to see the situation for himself

Gunther dressel, head of civil engineering at the district office, recalls a town hall meeting last year. There, he says, the district administrator was asked about KC 5 and traffic safety in the area of its local passage from hummendorf. Loffler reacted immediately. A little later there had already been a site meeting. "An urgent need for action was identified", according to dressel. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of a footpath in the area of the "zur muhle" inn.

One bottleneck is in the area of an old house that has now been acquired by the municipality and is to be demolished. This simplifies the considerations for the county authority. "It makes sense to expand the strabe in one go", dressel states. What does this mean? "The road will be widened to six meters, the sidewalk to 1.50 meters", according to the expert. The walls will probably have to be renewed in the course of this work.

Expansion realistic in 2021

Should the county committee pass a positive resolution, the planning contract could be awarded. If everything goes smoothly after that and the application can be submitted by mid-2020, dressel calculates that the expansion will take place in 2021. "That would be realistic", so dressel. He also thinks it is realistic to implement the tree removal within a year.

For hummendorf, this could result in another plus point in addition to increased traffic safety. The expansion of the local thoroughfare could also be an impetus for the intended village renewal. At least that’s what district administrator klaus loffler would like to see.

13 construction sites in the district of kronach

A similar situation to hummendorf can also be found in the pressig/eila area (KC3). There is no footpath from the eila through road to the open stretch of road at the entrance to the village of pressig. "And then there is the problem of how to get to school", says gunther dressel. From the paper, the schoolchildren had to walk to class because of the length of the route – and that on a county road without a sidewalk. "This can neither be expected from schoolchildren nor from adults", dressel notes. The KC 3 road is also to be widened to a width of six meters. A sidewalk with a width of 1.50 meters is also planned.

Adjusting the course of the stream

The existing retaining wall will probably be dispensed with. Instead, the course of the stream is to be shifted a little over a distance of about 50 to 60 meters. According to dressel, this is the more economical option for expansion. The time window for the m acceptance is identical to that of the hummendorf project, provided that the committee agrees.

As dressel explains, such expansion projects are now once again welcome in the municipalities. Until recently, the road expansion contribution statute was a stumbling block because, for example, the costs for the sidewalks had to be passed on to the residents as well. "Now the municipalities are more likely to approach us", dressel notes that the abolition of the statute has boosted the activities in the road expansion. And he believes that projects like the ones now underway in eila or hummendorf make sense. "The traffic safety will be improved in any case", says the head of the department.

In the past, roads through the villages were often built without sidewalks, for example. This can also be seen in various other places in the district. Later, some of these runways had been upgraded to circular runways. "And now the traffic is just increasing, says dressel. This harbors new dangers. And the county wants to eliminate them as far as possible. A start is now being made.

This is what the mayor of weibenbrunn says

The mayor of weibenbrunn, egon herrmann (SPD), is very pleased with the district’s approach to KC 5. The expansion would be very much in line with the efforts of the weibenbrunn community with regard to village renewal in hummendorf. "It’s been a very good relationship since we set out together", herrmann praises the cooperation with the county council and its authorities.

"We already submitted an application for village renewal last year", explains the mayor at the FT’s request. "I am confident that we will start planning this year – and perhaps also construction." Since the plans envisage four construction phases, the community is not yet dependent on the completion of the county road, but can start elsewhere.

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