Riffsurfers & co. Heating in the “struwwelpeter

Riffsurfers & co. heating in the

The rock music of the 1970s celebrates a happy birthday. But it's not the "oldies" who are the "newies, who front this music, but rather the young, who enjoy the works from daddy"s record cabinet.

Not even born in the 70"s, the musicians of the group "riffsurfers" feel that they are the best in the world, "the dazed" and "car crash connected to the blues-, psychedelic- and hardrock-sound of that time. With so many young bands reviving the sound of this era, it was only a matter of time before the first festival dedicated entirely to the rock 'n' roll of the 70s came into being in our country. Saturday, 3. November, it takes place at 8 p.M. In the youth and culture meeting place "struwwelpeter instead of. The three bands mentioned above were also involved in the event.

Already in the "nepomuk" trumped up

The group "the dazed" made a spot-on landing in the field of hard rock from the district of lichtenfels at their performance last fall in the small arts pub "nepomuk" in altenkunstadt to. With crisp ryhthms, pithy riffs, the edgy voice of sanger markus "monti" the quartet hits the heart of the audience with songs that constantly set off earworm alarms.

With a mixture of soul, funk and jazz, the young ensemble "carcrash" creates a new kind of music has a style all of its own, with a sound reminiscent of a modern variant of the jazz-organ trios that were in vogue in the 1960s. With the help of pop classics from the "beatles" pen or by stevie wonder, which form the basis of the musical improvisations, the trio succeeds in making its music, which is not an easily digestible one, accessible to the broad masses.

You can dance to this sound: at their concerts, the musicians sometimes show their rhythmic side, to which they add poppy melodies. Their relaxed appearance is just as important as the boundless creativity and passion for music, which organist paul gehrig and drummer markus rieger – known from the band "paulive" – as well as guitarist, bassist and sanger matthias "matze" ammausleben show.

Bizarre sound collages

The latter is also active in another band, which is well known in the local area and also performs this evening: the "riffsurfers". For years the trio has been serving up fine delights in jazz, rock, blues and funk for all music gourmets who want to enjoy independence and individuality. The current disc of the group "cockaigne decisions" has its own style plenty to offer. It has become a land of milk and honey or "cockaigne", as the englishman would say, bizarre sound collages and exalted guitar attacks characterize the new album, which is sure to delight all those who love music that is off the beaten track.

There seems to be a lot of them, if you look at the references the group has: at the "schmolzer bluestage", for example the mature audience was in raptures when they performed at the "localvision sound contest" they made it to the national finals in berlin, and bavarian television has already engaged the band several times for its program "on3-sudwild".

Behind the musicians with a penchant for the experimental are three savvy professionals who are masters of their craft without crossing the line into over-excitement and self-indulgence: philipp sammet (drums), mathias amm and christian pietz (both guitar, vocals and bass).

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