Rhon half-timbered house burned to the ground

Rhon half-timbered house burned to the ground

When marietta hufner and albin scherer, who also lives here and is practically part of the family, realized that the house was on fire, it was already too late. Because the fire broke out on the first floor and blocked the way to the tower. It's only a few steps from the delivery house where the two live to the main building of the roderhof, and so the two stood at the window and called for help.

Fire raged in the entrance area
"We were very lucky that the boys were there", says marietta hufner in retrospect. The "boys are the partners of her granddaughters, 27 and 33 years old. Because of the holidays, all four of her son walter hufner's children were just visiting. "We heard the two of them shouting and immediately ran out", martin wahn and markus brust, both in the prime of life and both tall. Wahn tried to break in the door. With success "but there came out only smoke. I knew then that we wouldn't get in like this."

Albin scherer stood at the window on the back side of the house. Chest simply singled out the 67-year-old. "That was a matter of a minute." He didn't have much more time, because the fire spread quickly and scherer's bedroom was closest to the source of the fire. Marietta hufner's room, on the other hand, was three to four meters above the ground. So the two men got themselves a ladder and climbed into the burning house.

Five fire departments were in action
But the saving idea came from son walter. With a front loader he picked up his mother in front of her bedroom window. Brust and wahn put the aged woman in the shovel and off they went into the deep and to safety. "We probably couldn't do anything more", says michael krug, commander of the bruckenau fire department. When the fire brigades from bad bruckenau, oberbach, riedenberg, romershag and wildflecken arrived, the roof was already ablaze. Rescuers and rescued came to hospital. On 2. But on christmas day they were already enjoying themselves with the family again.

This adventurous christmas party, on which fortunately nothing worse happened, will be remembered by the hufner family for a long time to come. "Grandma has remained totally calm", tells her granddaughter marlena. "We have lost our home. That was worse", she says herself and does not mean the burned house, but the expulsion from the sudetenland, which she had to experience as a girl. "Such a house can be rebuilt."

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