Power failure in the laufer muhle paralyzes pumps

Local councilor gunter munch () works in the laufer muhle. He has witnessed the events firsthand. He gave a detailed report to his council colleagues. For klaus keil (SPD), with the agreement of all factions, introduced a motion to support the therapy facility on the part of the municipality.

Boards and beams from soaked floors and damaged furniture tower around the old buildings of the laufer muhle the dryers hum in all rooms. The concrete floor in the carpenter’s shop still has water plaster on it. "The machines have their engines up and stand on solid steel legs. That’s why they still work", munch explains during a tour of the building.

The laufer muhle has adapted to high levels for years. In many ways. After the floods of 1995, for example, the heating boiler was moved from the basement to the first floor. In 2002, during the next record flood, it worked like this: water slowly ran through the sandbag barricade into the building and immediately down the cellar steps. At the bottom, the pumps started up and pumped it out again. But this time?

The power failed – and the water accumulated in the buildings. In addition, the peak water level of 2002 was exceeded by 30 centimeters. Thus, in front of the bakery, which is located at the lowest point of the land, the water level was higher than the steel plates that are screwed in front of the doors. "About 20 centimeters of safety they offered in 2002", says munch. The consequence: the backroom was flooded. "Until therefore the water stood", shows gunter nutzel with his hand on the brick oven. The mark is significantly above the standard countertops with 86 centimeters high.

250 000 euro damage

nutzel and his colleagues have long been busy cleaning the bakery and putting it back into operation. The evacuees from the ancestral home are back and have cleared out their soaked belongings. The mobels can only be disposed of as gauze.

"We have developed our own flood protection according to the century flood line", assures munch. In the two to three days beforehand, the tracks will be secured with steel plates and sandbags. But this time it was not enough.

Experts estimate the damage at around 250,000 euros. At the moment, the german order, the institution’s sponsor, is negotiating with the insurance company to determine how much of the costs it will cover. What has to be done from their own resources is prevention for even higher water levels. An important point here will be its own emergency power supply.

The municipality is now offering its expertise and advice and material. In the next few days, community builder andreas seib, the heads of the local fire departments, representatives of the water management office and the people responsible for the laufer muhle will meet to discuss the issue.Among other things, it is to be examined whether it would bring relief if the embankment at the access road from the state road were to be removed.

Whether the municipality can also provide funds must be clarified with the legal supervisory authority. For years, adeldorf’s budgets have only been approved with strict conditions. The council is also asking for help from the burghers.

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