Popular torchlight walk

Popular torchlight walk

The torchlight new year’s eve hike in pottenstein enjoyed great popularity the idea for the now very popular torchlight hike on new year’s eve around pottenstein was born almost 30 years ago.

To shorten the waiting time until new year’s eve for their own children, some young pottenstein families went on a hike through the upper puttlach valley near pottenstein in 1993 afternoon. At nightfall and after a strong hike, the children were given torches and enthusiastically returned to the rocky town. The idea was quickly born to offer this hike every year for guests as well.

Under the guidance of thomas bernard, they learned interesting facts about the puttlach valley, the pottenstein water supply and much more along the way. The stopover with mulled wine, gingerbread and musical entertainment was made at the berner-hof in prullsbirkig. Strengthened and with burning torches we went back through the state forest prull to the bergwachthutte, where the nightly illuminated pottenstein was admired and stories to the eternal adoration in pottenstein on 6. January were to be heard.

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