Operating routes serve recreation and safety

Especially in the low season, the service roads along the main-danube canal (MDK) invite you to use them for recreation in the fresh air and by the water. Bicyclists and pedestrians are allowed to do so. What is usually not known is that these waterways are the property of the federal waterways and shipping administration (WSV). Many people think that this is only for bicycles and. Fubwege are.
The nurnberg waterways and shipping office is responsible for the maintenance of the main-danube canal. The service roads are used by employees to get to the canal quickly and unhindered at any time. This is absolutely necessary in the event of an accident on the canal, in order to be able to provide help quickly, according to the press release. But also to keep the banks in a safe condition. Because the shipping industry relies on the canal and its banks always being intact. It is the main task of the WSV to ensure this. The employees then usually drive their service vehicles on these paths and, among other things, check the route or carry out necessary groundwater measurements. If, for example, they detect damage in the shore area, they record the damage and, if necessary, arrange for the affected area to be repaired.
"Unfortunately, the trails are not always used as they are intended, because there are very precise rules", reports the WSV. Here, too, the employees of the office make sure that everything is in order during their inspection tours. It is not allowed to camp, ride horses, drive livestock or ride motor vehicles, motorcycles or e-bikes in these areas. Signs along the service road point this out.
However, the nurnberg waterway and shipping office once again emphasizes that bikers and cyclists are welcome guests on the service routes of the main-danube canal.

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