On your mark, get set, go!

On your mark, get set, go!

Michael busch "of course, we also had to collect money or sell the places to make money." The facial expression of the supervisor of the interns and work-study students, laura kraus, indicates that she is proud, however, that the interns at the herzogenaurach company puma had a much better idea. It was not this seemingly easy way gone, but heart for the social and manpower together to the project "weihnachtsbackerei" implement.

The idea was developed a good two months ago. 35 interns and the work-study students have baked vigorously in the canteen, different sorts, which then were to be given away. The small team, accompanied by works council member ingrid schoyerer, was given the task of distributing the baked goods to the senior citizens at the curanum center for care and nursing in tuchmachergasse. A good 40 packages that changed owners in time for the afternoon coffee meeting.

And those who could not be present in the christmas-decorated dining room were visited in the rooms by laura krause, tamara kaiser and nick sandner.

Creativity demanded

Dementia caretaker rainer porsche is enthusiastic, because: "we have many charitable and church institutions that think of us, but it is rather rare for a company to do something like this." Although it was the interns. Nevertheless: "our superiors thought the idea was great. Dietmar knob, the top personnel manager, was immediately on fire, because it was a joint project and there was also a good work behind it", erzahlte kraus.

Ingrid schoyerer explains that puma has always been involved in such activities. "There are kindergartens visited, there are made a lot of things." The company wants puma to encourage its employees to do something good, to live out their creativity. Work-study student tamara kaiser and apprentice nick sandner are enthusiastic about the idea, because it goes beyond the usual at an employer. Kaiser had the impression that "it’s fun to bring joy to people who may not have a lot to talk about.

Important for the seniors

Sandner adds: "it was easy to see the smiles on the faces of the ladies and gentlemen." Rainer porsche can only emphasize this, who is currently concerned about the problems of dementia patients at the facility. "They are happy at that moment and perceive that – and that’s what counts."

The supervisor played christmas carols on the piano during the distribution. One or the other sang at "every year again" and "tinkling bells and rejoiced at the pack. But they also wanted to pay. "My neighbor was a weaver at puma", one of the gentlemen explained and nudged the woman, who then laughed. Another senior citizen explained that in the past it was always the grandchildren who brought her presents, but that these visits no longer took place. "It is not easy to see when people are sitting in wheelchairs and are no longer active themselves", says kaiser.

The deliverers will be sure to pass on the impressions to the placebakers and those at puma who are interested. Because all those involved could agree on one thing: it was definitely a christmas performance, but it was certainly also a sporting performance.

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