Munich oktoberfest at a distance from dubai plans

munich oktoberfest at a distance from dubai plans

The city of munich distances itself from plans for an october festival in dubai.

Beer festivals are everywhere, said munich’s economic advisor and head of the oktoberfest, clemens baumgartner (CSU), today. But: "there is only one real oktoberfest, and that is in munich," said baumgartner. "We will explore all legal possibilities to protect our munich oktoberfest."

The city also stated in writing: "the plans that have now become known are not being pursued by the organizers of the event in dubai, either on behalf of or with the consent of the state capital of munich"."

Neither the munich wiesn hosts nor the exhibitors know of any colleagues who want to be in dubai. "I don’t know of anyone who is going," the chairman of the munich exhibitors’ association, peter bausch, told the dpa. The spokesman for the "wiesnwirte", peter inselkammer, expressed a similar opinion.

The oktoberfest in dubai was by no means the first beer festival to go by this name. More than 2.000 imitators existed according to estimates before the pandemic worldwide. In 2020, most of them were allowed to fail.

Baumgartner said that in view of the current corona situation, he hardly saw a realistic chance of a munich oktoberfest in 2021. But moving the festival to the gulf is "completely absurd. The munich flair was missing. Air-conditioning had to cool the tents; the shipping of vehicles alone took "a whopping six weeks. In addition, many vehicles are not suitable for use on sandy ground. And finally corona does not stop at dubai. "I am curious to see who dares to go there." He also worries about exhibitors who could see dubai as a lifesaver – to end up "burning money in the wustensun".

Yesterday, the "bild" newspaper reported on the dubai plans. According to the private organizers, the golf edition of the oktoberfest is to open in october to coincide with the expo world exhibition planned there and last until the end of march 2022. Similar to the munich model, the organizers want to set up beer tents, fairground rides and booths.

Plans call for 620 businesses to 400.000 square meters. That’s a little more than the munich oktoberfest, which covered just under 35 hectares – that’s 350.000 square meters, with around 550 businesses. Topping munich’s attendance of six million in just over two weeks is not on the agenda in dubai.

"Not least because of the pandemic, attributes such as summer and sun, social gatherings with friends and a carefree sense of freedom are the new luxuries. Dubai had all this and much more to offer," the organizers said. How much the whole thing is going to cost was initially left open. A spokesman said today that planning was underway, so there was no information on this, among other things.

Around the globe the oktoberfest is a hit. Bavarian gemutlichkeit boomed under palm trees in the caribbean as well as in the far north. In brazil, the USA, japan, spain, russia and hawaii, among other places, people celebrated oktoberfest – or what they consider to be oktoberfest. One of the biggest october festivals with – before corona – 1,5 million visitors has blumenau in brazil.

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