More space for the school

More space for the school

The fundamental renovation and expansion of the scheblitz secondary school is one of the largest school projects that the district of bamberg has to tackle. Initial plans for the renovation and modernization of the school were already in place in 2009. Increasing numbers of students passing over have made the space shortage even worse. In march 2015, the district council had passed the resolution for the expansion and general renovation, and in august 2016, the government of upper franconia gave its approval for the early start of construction.

School operations continue

The overall construction work will be carried out in five stages and should be completed by 2022. Around 30 million euros have been budgeted for this. The implementation of the various measures requires detailed coordination planning so that school lessons are disrupted as little as possible.
Currently, there are 21 classrooms and nine container classrooms at the scheblitz secondary school. After the reconstruction, 13 new classrooms will be available and the building stock will be completely renewed. The generally used building fabric (floors, doors, windows) will be renewed and the building services (heating, ventilation, sanitary and electrical) in need of renovation will be repaired. Structural measures for the rescue of persons and fire protection are just as urgently needed as the elimination of safety-relevant deficiencies in the technical rooms.
The next construction phases will include the construction of a double sports hall with a cafeteria, the necessary outdoor facilities and a parking lot with around 110 parking spaces. Then the redesign of the development with the bus parking lots will take place. The topping-out ceremony for the extension was celebrated at the same time. In this context, district administrator johann kalb (CSU) thanked all the companies involved for their smooth cooperation on the construction site. The traditional toast was given by thorsten einbecker from the einbecker company in knetzgau.
Matthias welsch, the principal of the secondary school, was pleased about the considerable investments made by the district in the school location scheblitz. He praised the fact that the school had also been able to contribute wishes and ideas, which "always met with open ears and goodwill.
When completed, the new addition will house the school’s all-day program. To ensure that in the future the school is not only a place of learning, but also a place where students can feel comfortable and relax.

Praise from the mayor

For the mayor of scheblitz roland kauper (CSU) is especially the development of the school center very important. In his opinion, the reorganization of the bus stops in particular must be implemented urgently. During rush hours at the beginning and end of school, there are always "dangerous situations". He praised the good cooperation of all the institutions and authorities involved, from the police, the bus company, the school boards and the planners, to achieve an "optimal solution for the next decades". 21 bus stops were sufficient during peak hours.

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