More light than shade

More light than shade

For a long time in march and april, the question was whether the museum railroad would be able to start operations at all this year – and if so, whether enough passengers would come. In coordination with the health department could finally on 7. June – more than a month later than usual – the museum railway operation will be started after all. "The loss of all operating days in these five weeks, including six days on which the steam train would have been in operation, has already led to a mid-figure loss of income; income on which the association is dependent to make investments in track and vehicles and to pay fixed costs such as insurance", female alfred trabert, deputy chairman of the 420-member club. The association is grateful for the liquidation aid that has been granted to it without bureaucracy.

Since the middle of june, however, according to the press release of the association, more passengers have come than the museum railroaders had expected in view of the restrictive conditions. Finally, masks are compulsory on the train and on the platforms. And the dining car can not be operated. "We now have about two-thirds of the usual number of passengers on each day of operation", says board member stephan schaff, who is also responsible for the online sale of tickets. Tickets can also be purchased at the ticket office. But the corona documentation requirements and the need to assign a permanent seat due to the pandemic are time-consuming and costly.

Nevertheless, the volunteers are pleased that so many passengers have remained loyal to them, even if the number of passengers this year inevitably cannot match that of previous years. The construction activities within the framework of the project for the renovation of the route of the museum railway in line with the requirements of the upper franconia foundation have got off to a very positive start. In the spring, the sleepers of one turnout each in muggendorf and ebermannstadt were replaced. In july, work began on the concrete rehabilitation of the abutments on two bridges near gasseldorf: the ladder and the ladder flood bridge. Among other things, the flats were sandblasted and the altar reinforcement was rust-protected. The cornices of the bridges were also thoroughly renovated. Work was completed in mid september.

For the end of the season on sunday, the two diesel locomotives of the V36 series from the years of construction 1939 and 1940 will be in operation.

Access is possible in ebermannstadt, muggendorf and behringersmuhle, tickets are available on the steam train.Net/tickets, available at the ebermannstadt train station and from the conductor on the train.

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