Mobile communications remains an attractive topic

Mobile communications remains an attractive topic

The administration justified its request by saying that the legal possibilities had been exhausted and that there had been little interest in the meetings recently. Legal advisor susanne schmoger explained the enormous amount of work involved in legal support, and that interesting rulings for the city had not come into force. This raises the question of the justification for the whole project. Consequently, reconstruction concepts were developed that could not be implemented.

The committee gave heidemarie gold, as the initiator of the working group, the opportunity to comment on the issue. Surprised and unprepared, the former city councilor complained that the AK always had to be informed in advance. It was set up to relieve the workload of the city council and administration, but has always had problems not only with mobile radio operators, but also with the administration and the city council. "The AK should do preparatory work for the citizens who cannot defend themselves", underlined gold. If it is abandoned, the time invested will turn out to have been wasted for them and werner katzenberger. Mayor siegfried muller (etc.) rejected the accusations, saying that the administration could not decide on matters that were not provided for by law.

The AK has reached its limits?

In the opinion of karl-heinz schmidt (etc.), the working group had obviously reached its limits, but it had nevertheless done very good work and steered the issue in the right direction. Schmidt reminded of the costs, which came together alone for expert's assessments and advised to a reasonable communication between working group and administration. The dissolution would be a step backwards from a positive example of citizen participation.

Head of the building department oliver graumann reported from a meeting and the realization that it was not possible to continue in this way. Time and benefit alone paid. Gold and the administration were supposed to work together, but he had seen nothing from reports that had exonerated the administration. The dismantling of two antennas was not the result of a need for protection, but arose solely from a violation of the design statutes.

"When the working group came into being in 2002, there was nothing, no correspondence, no filing, nothing, rosmarie richter (etc.) summed up the situation. Since the AK was established, mobile radio operators have become more cautious. She pleaded for not dissolving the circle, but to give it all inputs. She complained about the reply to a letter received only after six weeks, but even the incorrectly quoted date of receipt of the mail did not change this. "Here is sand in the gear", found elvira kahnt (SPD) and did not understand the motion for dissolution.

"Everyone wants a good cell phone connection

Graumann made it clear that he wanted to continue to communicate with all members and receive suggestions, but that he would no longer be obliged to organize meetings. Exactly about the organization wants to talk jutta wallrapp () and not a AK auflosen, which had enlightened the citizens. "Everyone uses the cell phone and expects good connections", stated gertrud schwab (CSU). It has never said anything about verhaltnismabigkeit. Instead, the administration has been overwhelmed with inquiries and requests.

"I imagine a constructively active administration to be different", found klaus D. Christof (KIK); an administration against participants makes no sense, they had to learn to deal with each other. He advised to withdraw the application and consult with the AK.

From the point of view of franz bohm (prokt), nothing has changed as a result of the auand, except that the administration has been put under pressure. For him, the proof of the harmfulness of radio waves to health has not been provided. Brigitte endres-paul (SPD), however, recalled the handling of rontgen rays. Radiation limits have been set, but are not well-founded. Therefore, it is necessary to take action against the legislator when it comes to health. If the working group is dissolved, there is no longer any possibility of action.

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