Meeting of persons of the right-wing scene in hellmitzheim

Meeting of persons of the right-wing scene in hellmitzheim

Since saturday afternoon, the police have been carrying out checks in the vicinity of the meeting and monitoring its orderly progress on the occasion of a meeting of people associated with the right-wing scene. An investigation was initiated against a 28-year-old man for damage to property. The police had been informed in advance that such a meeting was to take place in the district of kitzingen. In the end, a private land in hellmitzheim had turned out to be the meeting place. Initially, it had to be assumed that an unregistered event was taking place, so the police began to check vehicle traffic along the hellmitzheim roads at midday on saturday. After the arrival of the mainly local participants, it turned out that it was legally a meeting of the regional NPD with about 25 participants. Among them a songwriter and a speaker from the right-wing scene.
The police continued their controls until sunday night. All in all, the meeting was largely free of disturbance. During a vehicle check, several allegedly indexed song lyrics had to be seized from one of the participants. In addition, a 28-year-old man is being investigated on suspicion of damaging property. He has allegedly on sunday, around 3.15 o’clock, eggs thrown at a civilian service vehicle, which monitored the orderly conduct of the event during the course of the night.

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