Looking where others look away

Looking where others look away

The blue light flashes brightly. No accident happened, nobody was hurt. Nevertheless, all around them there are rescue workers dressed in their uniforms. Instead of having to help a person or secure an accident site, they sing. Voices sing songs like "may the strabe bring us together".
They stand in the catholic church and look at the notepads in front of them, firefighters, paramedics, police officers – the rows are full of rescue workers from all over the county. Singing together, being together, is supposed to strengthen the community among each other. That’s what the annual psychosocial emergency care (PSNV) emergency chaplaincy service is all about.
Seeing and perceiving – this is the theme of the evening and at the same time so important for the task of every helper: "emergency workers must look and bear a sight they can do without", says clemens grunbeck, who organized the ecumenical service together with simon croner and alfred bernhardt. "Tension tracks and suffering are something that is not foreign to those gathered at the catholic church. It’s part of their job to save people and make decisions quickly, even if their missions are often hard to bear. Because they "have to look where others look away", highlights simon croner.
Often, however, this observation does not leave no trace on the athletes: emotional pain is the consequence when the victims cannot come to terms with what they have seen. The psychosocial emergency care therefore offers a possibility to better cope with the mental stress. Talking openly with a counselor can help overcome a crisis. Or an exchange with family and friends. The fact that their task is important to save people’s lives and that their work is valued by society is something that the rescue workers must always bear in mind, says simon croner, pointing to the blue light that was shining during the ceremony. For him, it stands not only for an accident or an injury, but also for camaraderie and appreciation. This value is also found in the bible: "love your neighbor as yourself", reads croner. This sentence of jesus is not only a rule of love for one’s neighbor. He also summarizes why the rescuers’ work is needed..

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