Kups orchestras win two great awards

kups orchestras win two great awards

Last weekend, the north bavarian music association offered an evaluation opportunity at the jubelverein of the ebensfeld music association, and many orchestras took advantage of this chance to present a concert performance to an independent jury of experts. The long and intensive preparation time of both orchestras was worthwhile again this year. So on sunday evening both kups orchestras could hold an award in their hands.
In a competition, the conductor decides in which difficulty level he wants to compete and must select two concert works from the recommended list of the north bavarian music association in the respective difficulty, rehearse them and perform them for the jury. Difficulties range from category 1 A to category 5. The kups school and youth orchestra under the direction of johannes piontek competed in category 2, the lowest level, while the kups symphonic wind orchestra under the direction of wolfgang riedel competed in category 5, the highest level.
The school and youth orchestra studied with its conductor johannes piontek the works "yorkshire ballad by james barnes and "the magic book" by thierry deleruyelle a. The adjudication court was particularly impressed by the very clean playing together and by the fact that the young musicians had already worked out the individual melodies and secondary melodies as they played. They praised the party’s excellent work with young talent. Not for nothing were the jury members full of praise in the subsequent evaluation discussion and rated the orchestra finally with 93 of 100 points, thus the rating "with excellent success".
In the past four years, the symphonic wind orchestra has narrowly missed out on the award in each of the competitions and has always reached the top of the podium, albeit with a silver medal. This time, they emerged as the best orchestra from the evaluation game. Wolfgang riedel selected the works "flowers of dreams" from the concert program by satoshi yagisawa and "lexicon of the gods from rossano galante. With 95 out of 100 points, the conductor wolfgang riedel was awarded the certificate "with excellent success" by the district chairman of upper franconia, thomas kolb are to be handed over.

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