Kolping family stadtschwarzach donates for peramiho

Kolping family stadtschwarzach donates for peramiho

Thanks in large part to the kolping old clothes containers, and topped up by the kolping family of schwarzach, a check for 2500 euros was presented to brother ansgar stufe of the missionary benedictines of the abbey of munsterschwarzach. For 16 years, stufe was a missionary in africa and ran one of the country’s roughest hospitals at the peramiho mission station in the sudwest. At a celebration on the occasion of the check handover at the kolping family stadtschwarzach he took the present in interesting impulses and pictures with the partner station, it says in a press release. According to brother ansgar, the main problem is not eating, but earning money to finance health and education. For the sale of agricultural products, the market is small and the income possibilities are low, according to. The benedictines help mainly in education and in the health sector. Today, it is no longer a question of shaping developments from europe, but much more a question of solving problems on the ground together with the people, the communication concludes.

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