Kitzingen building forum: affordable housing wanted

City politics could be so simple: "the mayor must not sit at the desk, but must be the first one on the move." This is the opinion of the aschaffenburg mayor klaus herzog and at the same time the most important tip for manfred paul, who wants to become what herzog has been for many years, also a mayor of the aschaffenburg region. However not in aschaffenburg, but in kitzingen.

In order to become that, the SPD candidate for the post of city leader had invited people to the almost night academy on friday evening, and a good 80 guests had turned up. In four "forums paul wants to address current issues in the city, inform himself and others comprehensively, generate something like an election program from it, but also a working basis for the case of electoral success. On friday at the premiere, the topic was "building and living on the agenda and for this purpose paul had invited three experts: on the one hand the mayor of aschaffenburg, klaus herzog; the investor wolfgang rosentritt, known in kitzingen among other things for the redevelopment of the baywa area on the banks of the river main and finally thomas wirth, landscape architect and urban planner and founder of the office arc.Grun .

Threads converge in the mayor’s office

The panel had four main topics for the evening: in addition to affordable housing, these were urban development, vacant lots and alternative forms of construction and housing, a topic that was only touched on briefly due to the cancellation of a speaker.

Herzog had many practical tips for the work at the top of a city in his pack. "All the threads come together in the office of the mayor", he said. "His original task is to provide services quickly and to set up the administration close to the castle." This also includes going to auben and not waiting for burgers, entrepreneurs or investors to come to the administration. An inner city concept is important.

According to thomas wirth, this has existed in kitzingen since 2006 and was updated in 2011. "One of the best concepts i have read, with many concrete suggestions, much of it implemented." Crucial for such concepts: they must not lie in drawers, but must be implemented and thus prepare the ground for investments. It is important to have a competent contact person on the part of the administration.

Whether this is currently available in kitzingen was disputed both in the round and in the ensuing discussion with the audience. Above all, wolfgang rosentritt resisted criticism: "i am a spokesman for the building department, i experience good cooperation and advice, as well as contacts who care." A fact that not all listeners could confirm.

Affordable housing, also for larger families

However, according to rosentritt, the creation of affordable housing by private investors is problematic. This is only possible by state or city demand. However, the many new condominiums in kitzingen have also freed up existing housing space, which has eased the market.

That manfred paul with his first "forum the discussion contributions, which naturally revolved around the previously mentioned topics such as – redevelopment in the old town or affordable housing for larger families – also showed that he had hit an important point. Paul’s summary after two hours: "I would like to be a grief-stricken, even a grief-stricken man". The mayor must not hide, he must get out, even where it hurts."

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