Kahl am main: new intensive care facility for children opened

Kahl am main: new intensive care facility for children opened

In kahl am main (district of aschaffenburg), the barenfamilie gmbh celebrated an anniversary last wednesday (19. February 2020) open door day. The newly opened intensive care facility is one of the first in bavaria to offer 24-hour inpatient intensive care for children and adolescents.

The nurses provide intensive care for young patients there when this is not possible at home. In addition, the children can live temporarily in the family home until a team of caregivers can be found to provide care at home.

Long waiting times for support due to increasing nursing shortage

At present, a team of ten nurses with additional training in pediatric intensive care is already caring for two young patients, as reported by bavarian radio. The two are not even a year old and need due to a malformation in the face respiratory support.

Help for such cases is rare: "due to the increasing nursing shortage, it is becoming more and more difficult to provide intensive medical care for children and adolescents in need of care at home. Often, the young patients wait for months or even in vain until a suitable team of experienced nurses has been found so that they can return home", tells the nursing team.

Space for up to twelve small patients

More than 40 nurses are expected to work at the facility in the near future, caring for as many as twelve patients. Children can be enrolled from birth until the age of 18. The vaccine must be given before the child reaches the age of 18. If the parents need medical support, they themselves or the responsible clinic can make a request to the cash family.

After an initial discussion, the assumption of costs will be clarified. Afterwards, the children in need of care can be accommodated in the facility and receive medical care. Often this also helps the relatives, who are under great psychological pressure as long as they themselves or clinics cannot help their children.

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