Jakub revaj is a small player and super guy

Jakub revaj is a small player and super guy

A prototype for ice hockey? Is not jakub revaj at all. The 22-year-old forward measures 1.68 meters and weighs only 64 kilograms. A beefy forward looks different. And yet the little czech plays an important role in the team structure of the kissinger wolves. And it is not only measured by gates.

Anyone who talks to revaj is first surprised: the czech from jablonec in northern bohemia has been living in germany for just under four years. And speaks the language quite fluently, with little accent. Maybe it’s because his father is german. And his girlfriend, who lives in memmingen, too. He speaks german with her every day. But jakub revaj, who calls himself "cuba" for the sake of his coolness can be called, was always ready to learn. And that applies not only to the language but also to ice hockey.

In his youth, revaj still trained in liberec, but regularly traveled across the nearby german border to play for youth teams of the well-known second division clubs fuchse weibwasser and dresdner eislowen. Permanently lived and played the sturmer in selb just over three years ago.

In 2016, his cousin jan kouba, now a player for the mighty dogs in schweinfurt, brought him to memmingen. From there, revaj went to the landesliga for one year each to the devils ulm/neu-ulm and the oberligisten hochstadt alligators. The 22-year-old must have already caught the eye of wolfe coach mikhail nemirovsky. In any case, he approached him before this season to come to bad kissingen.

"Nemo" revaj offered, among other things, what he sometimes didn’t get at his other stations: playing practice. In the preliminary round, the czech stood on the ice for all games. According to the german ice hockey database rodi-DB, he scored only two goals, but provided seven assists.

This statistic does not mean that much to his trainer. Nemirovsky is nevertheless satisfied with the little czech. "He is a flexible, very active player with good movements. He often finds the hole in the game because of his small body size. Also revaj has a quite good technique.

In the meantime, the 22-year-old has also arrived in bad kissingen. He moved into an apartment in the city together with his team mate krister freibergs. He also works in a fast food restaurant not far from the rink. It’s a stone’s throw to training and to the game.

After an injury at the beginning of the season, the striker has integrated well into the team, says his coach. "He’s always positive, a super guy." Nevertheless was "nemo not "nemo, if he could no longer see any potential in his player. Revaj still needs more confidence and experience to play a little smarter.

Jakub revaj weib "that i have to work and fight even harder because of my body size". Especially in the promotion round, the game is even faster and more physical than in the preliminary round. "Everyone does their best and wants to move up." This is also his goal. With third place and twelve points after six matchdays seems to be within reach.

In the home game on friday, 20 o’clock, the kissinger wolfe receive the EHC konigsbrunn known from the preliminary round. A team where the bad kissinger won 6:3 at the beginning of november and lost the ruck game 4:6 in december. A dangerous opponent, even if the EHC has not done very well in the promotion round so far. Mikhail nemirovsky warns: "it’s always hard to play against them. They have good defenders and a good goalie, are very active and can score goals."

In the meantime, ERV schweinfurt will be facing a top-class opponent, pfaffenhofen, on friday evening, 8 p.M., to conclude the first half of the relegation round. Because the last opponent that the schweinfurt team did not meet this season travels to the icedome as table leaders.

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