Jahn forchheim improves in second game

Jahn forchheim improves in second game

Only the ladies were able to play their way to victory in three sets. The men's doubles (rossa/teichelmann and lindner/marchl) each went down in two sets to their opponents. In the individual matches, the jahn team presented itself in a fighting spirit, but in the end, only jens teichelmann was able to score a point. In the mixed, florian lindner and nina rossa tried to correct the final result a little, but this did not succeed either against the very strong opponents from marktredwitz. So the result of the first game was 2:6 from jahn's point of view.

But all the defeats were quickly forgotten at the start of the second match against BC wildfeder stegaurach. Because here it was necessary to score points in order to get off to a good start in the new round of games. This was achieved in the doubles, which the forchheimers played with routine, concentration and the same lineup – in each case without losing a set.

Matthias rossa, florian lindner and karin adelmann remained true to their line also in the individual and won deservedly. Only jens teichelmann lost in the second men's singles after a long three set match to his opponent. Manuel marchl and nina rossa formed the final point of a convincing victory with a strong performance in the mixed – 7:1 it was for the jahn. In summary, due to the absence of jorg sohns and andreas eichstaedt and the fact that the first match was against an ex-bavarian league team, one can speak of a satisfactory start to the season.

On sunday it goes already further

But forchheim can't afford to take a long breather, because on sunday there are already new tasks to be tackled. Then it's off to bayreuth, hopefully this time with the original line-up. 

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