Honorary plaque commemorates former bosch employees

Honorary plaque commemorates former bosch employees

"Air raids increased in 1944, the year of the war. The neighboring cities of nurnberg and schweinfurt had already been heavily bombed several times. And also the staff of the bosch plant had to visit the air-raid shelters more and more often", explained alexander kromer, the former head of the candle production department, at the presentation of the commemorative plaque in the presence of lord mayor andreas starke (SPD).

In order to protect the plant, all the factory buildings were painted in camouflage in july 1944 and the company name was changed to "OPUS gmbh" changed. One month later, due to the massive allied bombing raids, production was "underground" to the "polarbar cellar moved to the stephansberg and put into operation. However, only a relatively short time was produced there. For as early as june 1945, the occupying power authorized the resumption of operations on a limited scale. This also allowed the return of all outsourced manufacturing operations.

"In order to illustrate that in the period from august 1944 to june 1945, parts for tinder candles were produced in the catacombs on the stephansberg, bosch has in recent years made available a number of machines, some of them historical, which have since been set up there and can be viewed.", kromer explained. The honorary plaque now wants to additionally commemorate those employees who lent a hand in the catacombs back then.

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