Head of the dgb: “black-yellow is a can-do coalition”

head of the dgb: 'black-yellow is a can-do coalition'

"This also applies to large parts of the grunen program," he told the "passauer neue presse". The chairman of the german federation of trade unions (DGB) said of the current governing coalition of the CDU/CSU and the FDP: "black-yellow is a can-do coalition. They have not managed to achieve more than tax cuts for hoteliers and childcare allowances."The coalition has no compass, stagnation reigns. Although chancellor angela merkel (CDU) and the union had come closer to the union positions, sommer said. However, he misses action.

Sommer expects that the union will soon swear an oath on the issue of minimum wages. "I understand that rhineland-palatinate and other SPD-supported federal states will introduce an initiative for a uniform, statutory minimum wage of 8.50 euros in the bundesrat in march. I assume that there are majorities for this in the regional chamber. This will then be the litmus test for mrs. Merkel. Before the election, the bundestag will be able to decide on the matter. Then the CDU and CSU can no longer duck out of the way."

The head of the german federation of trade unions (DGB) also criticized merkel’s stance on the euro crisis: "the federal government has our approval when it comes to concrete crisis management to secure the euro. But when it comes to learning the right lessons and keeping the crisis manageable, maybe even solving it, mrs. Merkel has nothing left to offer. She’s on a completely wrong course," sommer told the newspaper.

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