Guesswork begins: when will dahlmeier be back??

guesswork begins: when will dahlmeier be back??

Laura dahlmeier surprised herself at her biathlon comeback in nove mesto, but an appearance at the home world cup in oberhof in the new year is still not guaranteed. "Laura only comes when she feels good", said national coach mark kirchner.

The double olympic champion gave the german skijagers their first podium finish of the season on her return from a long illness, finishing second in the sprint and also securing a top result in the pursuit in fifth place. "Overall it went incredibly well, even better than expected," said the seven-time world champion.

Once again, the 25-year-old from garmisch-partenkirchen stood out from the women’s team with her performances. Best in nove mesto behind dahlmeier was vanessa hinz as pursuit sixth. Franziska preub also provided a bright spot on saturday with eleventh place. Although qualified for the mass start, dahlmeier decided to forgo the last race of the year – less is more in her case. She is not yet at 100 percent, she said.

Slovakia’s double victory by anastasiya kuzmina and paulina fialkova was the other way round from a german point of view: preub came seventh, hinz eleventh. Even though the men were without a podium finish in the czech republic, they made sure that the year ended on a good note one day after the error-festival in the mass start competition. Fourth and sixth places by olympic champion arnd peiffer and sprint world champion benedikt doll in the sixth victory of the season in the eighth world cup race by norwegian johannes thingnes bo were worthy of all honor. "I just wanted to take a good result with me over the christmas period. Otherwise you have two to three weeks where you’re just digging and arguing," doll said.

Even mass start world champion simon schempp, who didn’t really get going in nove mesto, has already finished in the top eight twice this winter. Only erik lesser, who is injured and will be missing at the third world cup of the year, has not yet broken the standard for the title fights in march in ostersund/sweden out of the four world champions in the manner team.

"Now we have to see that the erik gets back on track, too," said kirchner. "We are on a good footing, on a good path. There was nothing unusually good, but nothing unusually bad either." Good was in any case the second place by johannes kuhn in the first race of the winter on nicholas day in pokljuka.

Dahlmeier’s first performance of the season was really strong. The 25-year-old was on the road as if the health problems had never existed. "At the end of september i was in hospital for a week and i could not get up. I couldn’t go for a walk, I couldn’t imagine ever doing competitive sports again in my life, let alone getting on a podium," said the former overall world cup winner.

Dahlmeier only started training moderately at the beginning of november in order to get used to the workload. "For the time being, it will remain with selective deployments. We will decide when the next one is," said kirchner. So a guest performance in oberhof is not excluded either.

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