Google launches indoor maps in germany

Google launches indoor maps in germany

At the launch of "indoor maps," maps for airports, museums, shopping malls and event halls are available – initially for use on smartphones and tablet computers with the google android system.

"For us, it is very important to make these new opportunities as widely available as possible," product manager cedric dupont told news agency dpa on monday evening. "We want to reach as many users as possible, including on the desktop and other platforms."There is no concrete information yet on reports that google is developing a new maps app for apple’s ios mobile platform, dupont said.

This year, apple replaced the previous google maps on iphone and ipad with its own service, which initially met with criticism from users and is now to be further developed in a more flexible manner. Nokia is also pushing ahead with geospatial software after losing market leadership in cell phones. Group CEO stephen elop unveiled a new online card platform called "here" in mid november that also supports smartphones with android or the iphone.

For its "indoor maps," google also provided a software tool that allows building owners to add interior maps themselves. "We expect that this will rapidly increase the reach of indoor maps," dupont said. Android developers can integrate indoor maps into their application with a new API (software interface).

For orientation in the city, digital map services for mobile devices had already largely replaced printed city maps, the manager said. Only within a rough structure has this been possible to date. "We are changing that now. 2012 is the year indoor maps became reality."In the u.S., this feature was introduced a year ago with google maps version 6.0, and in recent months several european countries have joined in.

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