Fewer political crimes – but right-wing violence on the rise

Fewer political crimes - but right-wing violence on the rise

As the federal ministry of the interior announced in berlin on monday, a total of 27,440 politically motivated crimes were registered in 2012, 2464 of them violent. Compared with 2011, the number of crimes has fallen by 9.2 percent and the number of violent incidents by as much as 20.7 percent.

However, criminal and violent offenses in the right-wing spectrum have increased – by 4.4 percent and 1.7 percent, respectively. Here, in turn, the number of xenophobic criminal and violent acts rose particularly sharply, by 16.5 and 10.8 percent respectively. The number of anti-semitic crimes also increased significantly again in 2012, by 10.6 percent, she said. In addition, the authorities have recorded six attempted right-wing deaths, one more than in 2011.

Interior minister hans-peter friedrich (CSU) views this trend "with concern," he said. "We must keep an eye on the right-wing scene and further intensify the search effort."This had also been shown by the activities of the terrorist cell "nationalsozialistischer untergrund" (NSU), whose xenophobia had not been recognized for a long time. It involves a seamless exchange of intelligence and close coordination between the security authorities.

The central council of jews in germany called the number of right-wing crimes "worrying". President dieter graumann told the berlin-based "tagesspiegel" (tuesday): "particularly in the light of the NSU findings, one must realize that all too often, only pure hatred of humanity lies behind these bare figures. Such a large increase in xenophobic and anti-semitic crimes should therefore move us all to take action."Graumann calls for more effective fight against right-wing extremism.

Politically left-wing motivated crime and violence, after a significant increase in the previous year, is now clearly declining in line with the overall trend, the ministry further announced. This is due to fewer demonstrations and protests, for example against the transport of nuclear waste. However, the "quality" of the offences is a cause for concern here. The number of attempted killings had risen from three to eight. Thus, in 2012, the proportion of crimes against life and limb had increased to 53.5 percent of the total left-wing violence.

The chairman of the police union (gdp), bernhard witthaut, complained that the inhibition threshold for attacking perceived political opponents as well as police officers was falling drastically. In the increased number of attempted killings of left-wing extremists, police officers were targeted in six cases. In view of the new legislation due to come into force on january 1, 2010, the. May announced demonstrations and rallies from the right and left scene, witthaut appealed to all democratic parties to dissociate themselves from any form of political extremism.

According to the ministry, there is also a "build-up" in the area of politically motivated foreign crime. Although the overall number of crimes is also declining here, the increase in the number of crimes resulting from confrontations with the right-wing scene is striking. "In 2011, there were 23 relevant offenses here, but in 2012 there were already 39."In this context, friedrich referred to alleged plans by four salafists to assassinate the chairman of the pro nrw party.

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