Faster internet in the classroom

Faster internet in the classroom

Point by point noted in the school committee of the kitzingen district council:

– motion tabled and withdrawn: the CSU district parliamentary group had visited the "gituma" school lab at the armin knab high school in kitzingen and had come to the conclusion that it was worth a demand by the district. Concretely it is about 5000 euro operating costs per year. The CSU therefore proposed that this amount be financed from county funds. In the presentation by the district administration and the discussion in the committee, however, it quickly became clear that the district basically supports the schools through the budgets allocated to them. Within this financial framework, the schools themselves could set priorities. The district politicians rejected an individual request for individual projects, because otherwise there could be inequities between the schools. The CSU then withdrew its proposal.

– digitization of schools: a high state requirement of up to 90 percent of the costs makes it possible: all schools in the district are to receive fiber optic connections for faster internet over the next year. The planning contracts will go to the appropriate companies this year, the administration told the committee. The grants will now keep other budget funds for digitization, which will also benefit the schools. The expansion of WLAN networks at schools is also making progress. However, it is being built gradually, as the development is already at different stages of progress. The same applies to the improvement of IT equipment and the installation of digital classrooms. They are partly linked to the refurbishment of schools, which is why there are different levels of equipment here as well.

– modernization of dettelbach secondary school: the district has received a maximum of 360,000 euros in funding from the government of lower franconia for the renovation of the school and the expansion of the science area. Other requests from the county have failed because the program is oversubscribed several times over.

– planning contract awarded: the planning contract for the renovation of the kitzingen-ochsenfurt state vocational school at the kitzingen site has been awarded to BPM hartl gmbh, pfarrkirchen, worth around 22,000 euros.

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