Everyone wins at the fssj

Everyone wins at the fssj

Peter reifschneider went on an adventure tour through the forest in freezing cold weather, embarking on a course on the theme of the "world of senses" go on a first aid course, explore a BRK car or simply play games – the DJK priegendorf has a varied program at its "experience day for kids" offered. That would be the case without the 13 young people who are currently doing a "voluntary social school year" in the sports club (FSSJ) has not been possible in the past. Young people like amelie eck and chiara karl have decided to take on responsibility and sacrifice part of their free time for this purpose.

"We are a small association – everyone has to help", says amelie, who is currently the 8. Class of the friedrichruckert high school in ebern visited. Together with chiara, she is involved in the "fraeggles", the youth group of the DJK priegendorf, and takes the kids on bike tours or to the cinema. To finance this, they start crafting in september for the association’s own christmas bazaar, where they then sell their work.

For chiara, who was in the 9. When she goes to the first class of the state secondary school in scheblitz, the commitment also has a practical benefit. After graduating from school, she would like to train as an educator. It helps if you can gain experience in dealing with children beforehand. "I realized that I like it and that’s what I want to do later", she is pleased.

All 13 fssjlere were already active in the association before. We have simply taken advantage of the fact that these activities can also be credited to the FSSJ", reports matthias langhojer, the contact person for the fssjler in the club. DJK membership is not necessary in principle, however: "the positions are officially advertised, so anyone can apply," says amelie, emphasizes langhojer. But the majority of fssjers specifically choose a position, reports michael schmitt from the carithek, the volunteer center of caritas in bamberg, which coordinates the FSSJ in the region.

Insight into social professions

The FSSJ was developed by the volunteer center in neustadt an der aisch and has been offered in the region since 2006. It is intended to give schoolchildren an insight into social professions and to encourage them to become involved in them. A success: between 250 and 300 young people from the city and district of bamberg take part in the FSSJ every year. So far this year, the carithek has recorded 180 registrations. Schmitt expects some late registrations. Once you have found a position, you have to spend 80 hours there over the course of a school year, about two hours a week. The operation is also possible in blocks during the vacations.

Lioba sterzl attends the 8. She is a sixth-grader at the scheblitz secondary school and has been active for eight years in the veitenstein running group, which is also part of the DJK priegendorf. Last year, her coach approached her and asked her if she could imagine helping out as a coach. Since lioba did not have to think long: "you learn how to take care of children", she explains her pleasure in training. Since she is enjoying it so far, she wants to do it again next year. Because the FSSJ is possible several times. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate confirming your participation and informing you about the acquired skills and personal strengths.

"This is of course also good for the application portfolio!", female langhojer, whose son is also doing an FSSJ at the club. "My father told me to do it", jokes max langhojer, who is in the 8. Class of the friedrich-ruckert-gymnasium in ebern goes. This is of course not the only reason. He has long toyed with the idea of becoming a teacher and would like to benefit from the experience he has gained as a coach of the G-youth soccer team. He helps with training twice a week "so that they don’t make any nonsense", as he admonishes teacher-like. Like max, moritz schuler, from the 9th grade, is also a member of the "veitenstein bikers". Stage of the state secondary school scheblitz spab at the supervision. He himself is a member of the "veitenstein bikers" and helps with mountain bike training once a week in winter and twice a week in summer for one and a half hours. Moritz would like to apply for an apprenticeship next year: "something technical, maybe masonry."

Since many young people take advantage of the offers in the club, but are often up and away after school, we wanted to bind them to the club in the long term and at best make coaches or exercise leaders out of them later, as jonas trautmann, second chairman of the DJK, explains. But the young people can also acquire the corresponding certificate in the club.

"It is also important for us that the youth grow together with the club and we can bring up the next generation", so trautmann. "If the halfte stays, we have already won a lot", confirms langhojer.

A win-win situation for the young people, the club and, ultimately, for society. Because voluntary commitment is not only in sports clubs, but also in many other areas in demand. And there are many places to do an FSSJ: from kindergartens to senior citizens’ centers, from volunteer fire departments to technical relief organizations, in animal shelters or at the city library: there’s something for everyone. Starting in the new school year, the employees of the carithek will again come to the schools and promote the FSSJ. In the meantime, interested schoolchildren could consider whether an FSSJ would be an option for them.

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