Eu parliament approves brexit treaty

Eu parliament approves brexit treaty

The european parliament ratified the brexit treaty, paving the way for britain’s exit from the eu late friday evening. The deputies voted wednesday in brussel with a large majority for the more than 500-page withdrawal agreement.

Eu commission chief ursula von der leyen and many parliamentarians expressed regret that the uk was leaving the european union after almost 50 years. "We will always love you and we will never be far away," cried von der leyen.

In the vote, 621 delegates voted in favor of the withdrawal treaty, 49 said no and 13 abstained. Before the UK’s exit from the EU on 31. January at midnight (CET), the 27 remaining EU member states must also approve the treaty once again. This is also considered a matter of form.

The most important point in the agreement is a planned transitional period until the end of the year, during which almost nothing will change in everyday life. Great britain will remain in the EU’s single market and customs union for the time being. Travel and goods traffic will remain as usual. The eleven-month deadline is to be used to clarify how things will proceed after 2021.

Von der leyen therefore announced a clear line of approach. "We want to forge a close partnership," said the commission president. The EU offers a unique free trade agreement without tariffs and quotas. But this only applies under fair competitive conditions. "We will certainly not expose our companies to unfair competition," von der leyen stressed. Access to the EU’s internal market will depend on how closely great britain adheres to common standards in the future.

Minister of the interior heiko maas made a very similar statement on "zeit online". The negotiations could only succeed if "we deal with each other openly and fairly. The SPD politician called on the uk for "zero dumping and zero unfair competition".

The withdrawal agreement already secures in perpetuity the rights of some 3.2 million EU citizens in the UK and 1.2 million britons in the EU. They should be allowed to continue living and working as before. Great britain’s outstanding payments to the EU are also now settled. A solution has also been found for an open border between the UK’s northern ireland and EU member ireland.

However, long-term trade relations, cooperation in fishing, in foreign and security policy and many other areas need to be clarified. The time until the end of the year is very short. Maas spoke of a "herculean task".

The leader of the european people’s party, manfred weber, emphasized: "in the negotiations, the principle applies: whoever leaves the eu loses the benefits of membership. Access to our european market is only granted to those who respect our rules."The eu will protect the interests of its citizens, fishermen, farmers, students and entrepreneurs.

Grunen faction leader ska keller spoke of a "sad day" and stressed that the EU and great britain remain friends and partners. The door for a great britain return remains open. However, keller also stressed EU interests and the internal market had to be preserved. Your caucus colleague sven giegold made it clear: "the time for cherry-picking is over."

Many delegates also asked the self-critical question of how things could have got so far. Social democratic group chairwoman iratxe garcia said: "populism has won here with its weapon: the luge."Nevertheless, the eu must also continue to work on democratization. The head of the left-wing parliamentary group martin schirdewan also said: "if the EU does not change its political course, other member states could follow suit." He criticized above all the savings policy.

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