Eight million for jopp development center

eight million for jopp development center

The signs point to growth, and the jopp company is making this visible to auben with the construction of a new development center. The company is investing around eight million euros in the building along meininger strabe. Groundbreaking expected in april.
The most remarkable thing is undoubtedly the architecture. Elegantly, the bending course of the thoroughfare is taken up in a curved form of the building. The comparison with the stadthalle is obvious. A large glass front that gives the impression of light and openness.

4000 square meters of usable space

Around 4000 square meters of usable space are created on the three floors, space for around 120 employees from the areas of development, prototyping, testing and project management. Not visible from the baywa junction are the construction activities behind the development center, where further halls and buildings are being built or converted.

Jopp had already expanded its capacity several times in recent years. The successful development is not only noticeable at the bad neustadt site, but also at the IFSYS subsidiary in grobbardorf and at the plants in the black forest, the eifel, the czech republic and hungary.

Direction points to e-mobility

"The time is right to implement the project", senior boss hubert buchs explains the major investment in bad neustadt. The company is economically successful and it is necessary to set the course for the future. For him, the direction is toward e-mobility, which has been a topic at the company for a long time, but is now being forcefully incorporated into the corporate concept.

The focus will be on transmission and steering technology as well as thermal management for electric vehicles, says buchs. In the long term, the development will of course be followed by production, but not necessarily in germany. The aim is to consolidate the company’s position as an important partner for the automotive industry.


The new building is not only an expression of the company’s innovative orientation, but is also intended to have an impact on auben. "Finally, the best engineers and specialists are to be recruited", so buchs.

To be completed in time for the company’s 100th anniversary. The celebrations are for the 5. To 7. July 2019 planned. Eckhard heise

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