Don’t leave mourners alone

Don't leave mourners alone

Mourners found comfort at an ecumenical service in the basilica of vierzehnheiligen on friday. The franciscans, together with the st.-franciscan sisters and the evangelical spa and vacation chaplaincy of bad staffelstein to the "oasis of consolation invited to the basilica.

Father heribert arens emphasized that it does not matter whether the mourning is very fresh or has been true for a long time. "Especially when the mourning process takes a long time and the environment has long since become the order of the day, mourners often feel lonely and left alone, and this in a phase of life when they need consolation.", he said.

The daily mourning

Every day people have to say goodbye to loved ones who have been taken from them by death. Now they are "bereaved, people who have to and want to go on. But the pain of the loss lives with them: they grieve. That often made others around them very helpless. They didn’t know what words to use for consolation – and that’s why they often avoid the victims, says the spiritual director.

Father heribert quoted the bible passage about the emmaus boys, who return home from jerusalem dejected and sad. The risen one goes with the doubting and sad ones without them recognizing him. They tell the unknown companion about the disaster. They await from jesus the deliverance of their people from roman foreign domination. With the crucifixion, all that collapsed. The young had become disheartened by the execution of their master. They talk the pain away, and jesus patiently listens.

"That’s the secret of consolation, just listen and let the mourners talk", says the spiritual director. Words help less, pious sayings already not at all. It is important that someone is there, even if they are only listening," he said. It is good if there is someone who does not leave the mourner alone. The dead could also give hope, they could open our eyes and hearts to hope. The young from emmaus had also experienced this before they recognized jesus.

The father consoled the bereaved with the assurance: "while man is in deepest mourning, jesus is already beside him".

In front of the altar of grace, a rough clay bowl filled with sand stood on a masonry stone pedestal. The survivors each lit a candle on the coarse easter candle and stuck it in the sand of the bowl. Franciscan sister alexia hoderlein, the evangelical pastor anja bautz and father heribert read out the first names of the deceased. After the service, the people met in the foyer of the monastery.

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