Csu secretary general markus blume honors landrat for 30 years of loyalty

Csu secretary general markus blume honors landrat for 30 years of loyalty

At the well-attended fish dinner of the CSU town association in the "karolinenhohe" inn CSU secretary general markus blume was the center of attention.

District administrator christian meibner emphasized that the district has achieved many things in recent years. However, the wind does not always come from behind, but also from the front, as in the case of the regiomed group. There was a problem, but things were looking up again, so that with a lot of commitment they wanted to at least be in the black again in 2021. The mood is now being set. "We have a sense of life, an economic structure, a cultural landscape that is the envy of others, and I won’t allow everything to be badmouthed just because it’s election time and some people want to make a name for themselves, the county councilor made clear.

Respect for the workers

Markus blume addressed many current issues. He called for more respect for the people who work in our country. He was thinking first and foremost of the "heroes of everyday life", who earned their living with their own hands, who went to work, took care of their families or took responsibility as entrepreneurs. Considering the record tax revenues in the 2019 federal budget, the CSU believes it is right to return at least some of the money to the citizens by, for example, abolishing the soli altogether or providing relief for the citizens concerned as part of a corporate tax reform. The social democrats, on the other hand, would rather think about what else the money could be spent on.

He also criticized the constant talk about crises, especially on talk shows. Negative reports increased. This applies in particular to the automotive industry. So the greens launched a real campaign not only against diesel, but against the automobile itself, and thus also against countless jobs and commuters. There is hardly any other country that is so self-destructive in the way it treats its leading industry. He did not deny that the automotive industry had to change its ways.

It is important not to miss the boat on the development of future technologies. For this reason, markus soder had launched a technology offensive with an investment volume of two billion euros for a high-tech agenda for bavaria, which among other things would call for the expansion of universities and an offensive for small and medium-sized businesses.

Emmi zeulner, a member of the bundestag, saw the local elections as the most important choice, especially in the countryside, because they give people the opportunity to help shape and strengthen their local communities. Together with several candidates, she had set herself the goal of creating a multigenerational house for the region, in order to bring together childcare and care for the elderly in one house. Thi

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