Cooperation between water suppliers draws closer

Cooperation between water suppliers draws closer

When the contract was signed, the need for renovation of the water supplier "frankenwaldgruppe" was also taken into account addressed. O association chairman heinz kohler has no doubt that they are ready to help. Unfortunately, the O sometimes has the perception that "the people concerned have not yet fully understood this". One more reason to ask about the current state of affairs.

The FT has already reported several times on the emergency situation of the frankenwald group. Accordingly, this water supplier will have to face a refurbishment expense of almost 30 million euros in the next few years. As heinz kohler explained in response to a question, the o had decided on a package. For example, he said, O is willing to take over the staffing, operations and rehabilitation of the transmission lines of the frankenwald group in the northern district (from effelter). On 6. June there will be an association meeting of the O for this purpose. He hopes that the topic will finally take shape after years of discussions.

This is also the wish of the chairwoman of the frankenwald group, petra ohring. It is not an easy situation, she explains. In the meantime, the bavarian minister of the environment, marcel huber, has made a demand in the amount of about 3.5 million euros in prospect. The frankenwald group is now working to meet formal criteria. Petra ohring expects that an engineering firm can be commissioned at the beginning of august to determine the exact cost of the renovation work. Only after the costs had been determined could a viable financing concept be drawn up. "The road will be rocky and hard." The chairwoman is convinced that consumers will face higher costs in the coming years. It was learned that despite the partial takeover by O and the demand by the state, a price of between six and seven euros per cubic meter of water is expected so that the remaining investment costs of O of around 25 million euros can be amortized. One speaks of a scenario even in high of eight euros.

"The burgers can't be expected to do that", according to gerhard wunder, member of the frankenwald group's association council. The mayor of steinwiesen speaks of a maximum reasonable charge of 2.99 euros for the purchasers. "The subject is burning on my nails." Wunder considers the 3.5 million euro claim to be inadequate.

The responsible parties consider a water price of up to four euros to be justifiable. "That's a slap in the face for the burgers." Wunder has already written several times several pages to the decision makers and asked for further demands. He expressed his incomprehension about the reaction from munich. Although billions of euros have been earmarked for the "action plan for demographics," this is the wish of the, but for the frankenwald group and finally for the burger no further money is available.

The mayor did not know how things would ultimately proceed. However, it is certain that this topic can no longer be postponed. "The municipalities may also have to consider whether they should not participate in the rehabilitation of local pipelines."

Petra ohring also hopes for more money from munich. But at the moment it looks bad. "In munich they would rather demand local public transport than help us." She also speaks of a demographic problem. "In addition to the cost of renovation, there is the fact that fewer and fewer people use less and less water. But the repair and maintenance costs are still there, even after renovation." As for the o's target date for the start of the partnership of 1 january 2014. As far as the january 2014 deadline is concerned, both petra ohring and gerhard wunder are confident that it is realistic. "My goal is O", according to association council member wunder.

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