Christianity without borders

Christianity without borders

No more talk. No personal attacks on people. "But true stories, which on the one hand should make thoughtful and on the other hand courage, as a christian self-confidently to open the mouth.This is, in short, the content of "be loud"!"The new book of the catholic minister burkhard hose from wurzburg. Hose recently got into an argument with minister-president markus soder because he thinks his "crucifix decree" is wrong. In the interview, the 51-year-old explains what drives him – and continues to drive him.

You have published your new book "be loud!"Called. But there are far too many people who scribble around anyway..

Burkhard hose: that’s right, that’s why I resisted the title proposed by the publisher a little at first. But in the sense of "loud equals clear" it is true. I know many volunteers who work hard, are reserved and silent, and suffer from politics, especially refugee politics. It is time for them to become loud – to be heard next to the very, very loud populists.

The tone in society has become rough. You, mr. Hose, are currently being called "muselmanenfreund", "linksgrunversiffter gutmensch" and even "volksverrater" in internet comments. How do they feel about it?

I try not to let everything get to me. For example, I am building in technical hurdles.

What are the hurdles?

On facebook, for example, I sometimes turn off the comment function. Otherwise, a wave of statements will wash over me that I can no longer cope with. Sometimes, when it gets too hard, I file a complaint.

When for example?

When someone wrote to me: "the building crane on which you will be hung is already up." Or on the announcement that an IS fighter should cut off my head.

What are the consequences for the people who threaten them in this way??

Mostly the matter runs into the sand. It is not easy for the police to find those who have made such posts. But shouldn’t I file a complaint because of that?? Should I just accept everything? No. I simply did not like to get used to this kind of communication.

Why do people so easily forget their decency these days??

I think this is mainly because

Together, that the distance to the fellow human beings is very rough, if one spreads ranting or hateful tirades online. There is no one sitting directly opposite you. You can say anything without having to show your face. And then there is a feedback loop to real life; here, too, people are becoming more disinhibited.

Some people no longer distinguish between reality and fiction?

The answer to this question can be read well in the attitude to cursed people. Hostility is at its highest where there are the fewest refugees, i.E. Where people do not know refugees personally and have no real experience with them. It is an absurd scissors that opens there. If you ask people what they have had to do without since the arrival of refugees, they often can’t think of anything. Of course: in the housing market, for example, they are competitors. This leads to the real conflict behind everything: the conflict between rich and poor.

That is, the hatred of refugees is actually a hatred of the structure of society?

You can say it like this. It is the feeling of being disadvantaged. There are many very rich and many very poor people in germany. This is the basic problem. There is rather the question of redistribution from top to bottom. We are currently witnessing the creation of social envy among those who are already disadvantaged.

After criticizing the "cross decree" of the bavarian prime minister, markus soder hung up a cross in the ministry on his own initiative and with media attention. What did you feel when you saw that??

I have found this to be a tremendous insult, almost like an expropriation of the cross, which is not a sign of power, but a sign of identity with the weak in society. The way the CSU man presented this publicly I felt was an abuse of his power in election time. I am in no way denying markus soder as a person to be a christian. But soders goal as minister president was not to profess christian values, but to show: "mir san christlich und bleiben christlich, nicht muslimisch"."The cross as a symbol of bavarian identity, culture and the rule of law? In my opinion, this does not describe the christian cross.

Jesus has let everyone into his neighborhood: unbelievable, sundige, kranke. Is this what you mean by "committed christianity": that one should first of all see only the fellow human being in every human being??

Yes, this christian message has political relevance. That’s why I say that christians should state their values loudly and clearly. For example, it is not compatible with these values to deport people to afghanistan, where the security situation is in free fall.

But it is also not compatible with christian values to let people drown in the mediterranean sea..

Exactly. That’s why the appeal goes inward, to the churches: stop worrying about yourselves while fellow human beings in need of help are dying. Christians, stand up against injustice and against inhumane policies that the parties also try to legitimize – for example, the ban on immigrants moving to germany. "Family reunion abolished", the CSU headlined. A "christian" party that trumpets its anti-human policies as a success story. The crosses were – if they could – not only dropped from the walls, but onto the heads of those who uttered such a thing. Being a christian does not stop at any national border. The christian message is universal, never nationalistic.

However, even the christian churches are not really credible. The catholic church in particular excludes people: women are not allowed to become priests. Protestant christians are often not allowed to take communion in the catholic church..

It is true that the churches are not credible as long as they do not put an end to discrimination within their own ranks – and this includes not only discrimination against women, but also against homosexuals, for example. And that the "table of the lord", to which jesus invited everyone without distinction, today stands for the separation of the christian churches, is simply perverse.

So it is time for christianity to renew itself, but also to renew itself politically?

The christian message has the potential to renew oneself and society in a positive way, yes. We must dare to change existing orders. Article 1, paragraph 1 of the basic law is in principle the central point of jesus’ message: "the human being is inviolable"."This sentence should hang in all offices!

Burkhard hose

About the author: born in hammelburg in 1967, burkhard hose studied theology after graduating from high school. He was ordained a priest in 1994. He is diozesan director of the catholic bibelwerk e.V. In wurzburg. For ten years, he has accompanied students on their journey through life as the student pastor of the catholic university parish. Pants advocates in many ways for people on the margins of society. Four years ago, he received the wurzburg peace prize for his social commitment.

About the book: "be loud!" Will be published on 26. June published by munsterschwarzach’s four towers publishing house. ISBN: 978-3-7365-0155-3; cost: 18 euro.

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