Cartel office examines sale of real stores more closely

Cartel office examines sale of real stores more closely

The federal cartel office will take a closer look at the planned sale of up to 101 real stores to the grobflachen discounter kaufland.

The antitrust authority announced that it had opened an in-depth investigation into the takeover plans.

The hypermarket chain real with its more than 270 stores had only recently been sold by the metro retail group to the russian financial investor SCP.

The new owner wants to break up the chain and has already found the first buyers for parts of the company, among them kaufland. Like lidl, the grobflachen discounter belongs to the schwarz group, one of germany’s largest grocery retailers. Because of the already high concentration in the food trade, the federal cartel office is particularly vigilant in the case of takeovers in this sector.

One focus of the investigation is the purchasing power of the retail giant vis-à-vis the manufacturers. The bundeskartellamt has already sent information orders to more than 350 food manufacturers, covering 17 product groups. The aim is to determine the current structure and power relationships on the markets for food procurement.

With a view to the situation of consumers buying groceries, the office also wants to investigate the market shares and market conditions in the catchment areas of the real locations. The deadline for the in-depth review is 12 december. October.

So far, there have been no further pruff merger notifications for the acquisition of real locations, the cartel office emphasized. However, edeka has already agreed with SCP to take over 53 stores.

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