Baier and scherer leave the council

Next year’s local elections will have a significant impact on the obernbreit municipal council. As was announced at the council meeting on tuesday evening, both 2. Mayor reinhard baier (freie wahler), as well as 3. Mayor helga scherer (CSU), will not stand for re-election and thus will not be represented in the new municipal council either.

This became clear during the agenda item "appointment of electoral officer". Here baier was named as electoral officer and scherer as his deputy. Both can only take office if they no longer run for a seat on the municipal council. Both accepted the appointment and thus made clear their departure from the municipal council at the end of the legislative period in april 2014.

Further points of the obernbreit meeting were:

– the fubwege concept in obernbreit has taken a small step forward. After renewed talks with the authorities, it is now clear: there will be a footpath across marktbreiter strabe – not directly by the edeka, but only a good 100 meters away in the direction of the town center. From halle lother to brucke, the roadway is to be renewed and a wall demolished.

The total cost for this part of the concept, which also includes a pedestrian bridge across the breitbach from the winter side to the edeka parking lot, is estimated at around 280,000 euros. According to the construction schedule, completion is expected by september 2014 – if the grant is received in time, as mayor bernhard bruckner explained.

– parents of kindergarten children want speed limit of 30 km/h on marktbreiter strabe. Bruckner promised a letter to the responsible authorities. At the same time, however, a discussion about the karl-ludwig-weg, where the kindergarten is located, flared up in the council. There are repeated complaints about kindergarten parents who drive too fast in the narrow street and park their vehicles in a way that obstructs traffic – an endless debate in obernbreit, so far without a solution.

– valentin schreiber is allowed to rebuild and expand the property and barn at breitbachstrabe 17.

– after the ravages of time had gnawed away at the old, still hand-crafted grit bins in obernbreit, four new ones were purchased for just under 1,000 euros, without any hope of removal. As mayor bruckner explained, however, it is still possible to access the grit via the lid. There is even a bucket in the container with which the grit can be removed and scattered.

– together with marktbreit and segnitz, obernbreit has again put out to tender the contracts for sewer rehabilitation, sewer cleaning and tv inspection. The necessary renovations in obernbreit will be carried out by the company kiel, estenfeld, for 10,600 euros, cleaning and inspection by the company beierle, fremdingen-schopflohe, for 12,650 euros.

– this year’s castle meeting will be held on 29. November at 8 pm in the inn schwarzer adler.

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