Award-winning documentary film

Award-winning documentary film

The crisis is everywhere: the climate crisis with the unusually dry and hot summer, the ecological crisis with the progressive loss of biodiversity, the social crisis with increasing migration movements. But the world is actually already full of solutions! On friday, 14. September, at 6 p.M. The energy and climate alliance forchheim and the catholic adult education forchheim in cooperation with the cinema center forchheim will show the film "tomorrow". With the "cesar awarded as best documentary film, the film became the audience’s favorite in france, belgium and switzerland this year and inspired more than one million viewers so far. The makers traveled to ten countries for their driving documentary film. Like a jigsaw puzzle, it soon becomes clear that only the sum of the solutions paints the picture of a different future. "Tomorrow" proves that a dream can become tomorrow’s reality as soon as people take action. After the film, the organizers invite you to a discussion in the foyer of the cinema.

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