Audi lands in field

A young driver suffered serious injuries in a traffic accident between limbach and sand on saturday. According to a report by the habfurt police, he had driven his car off the road and landed in a field.

On saturday around 17.35 o’clock the 20-year-old drove his audi on the state road from limbach in the direction of sand. In the course of a left-hand bend, the man drove his vehicle off the road to the right for reasons that are as yet unclear, and ended up in a field. There, the car continued for about 300 meters until it crashed into the driveway of a country lane. There, the audi was flung up and only stopped after another 20 meters.

According to the police, the driver suffered a fracture of the cheekbone and an injury to his right leg. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital in habfurt for treatment of his injuries.

His vehicle, which is presumed to have suffered total damage of around 30,000 euros, had to be towed away from the scene of the accident. In addition, two traffic signs were rolled over, causing damage of about 300 euros. The damage to the field cannot be estimated at present

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