An elevator divides opinion

In the foreground, the question is whether an elevator needs to be installed in the district center in the settlement. In the background, however, lurks a completely different question: do the speakers feel sufficiently and timely involved by the mayor in issues that affect their department?? Obviously not, as was shown on tuesday evening.

The finance committee meeting went off without a hitch. Brigitte endres-paul (SPD), the representative for culture and needs, and jutta wallrapp (FBW), the representative for tourism, complained that they had not been consulted in time on topics such as a new cultural project or the cost calculation for the boat landing stage. Otherwise: swift decisions for the good of the city.

Then the last item on the agenda: the advisory council for seniors and people with disabilities had formulated a motion. Their speaker wolfgang popp (KIK) presented it: an elevator is to be installed in the district center in the settlement.

Now it is necessary to know that the discussions about the center lasted for a long time. The question of handicapped access had already been solved during the planning phase. A ramp was to provide access to both the upper floor and the cellar.

"If we are going to build a new building, then we should also work in an exemplary manner"." Wolfgang popp speaker

The government of lower franconia had approved the solution and called it absolutely sufficient. Now the desire for an elevator. There was one point on which everyone agreed: it would be the more comfortable solution. But is it also the more sensible option??

Wolfgang popp said yes. His argument: "if we are going to build a new building, then we should also work in an exemplary manner."Jutta wallrapp (FBW) also thought an elevator was necessary and hartmut stiller (CSU) reminded of the demographic factor. There are already around 2,000 people in kitzingen with a severely handicapped pass. "And the number will rise. We should seriously think about an elevator."

That’s what the council did – at least they discussed it seriously and passionately. The city council had calculated that the ramp would cost around 80,000 euros to replace, and the elevator around 130,000 euros. Makes about 50,000 euros in additional costs. A cost estimate that klaus christof did not want to leave unchanged. "Half of the costs for the elevator are realistic", he said and demanded a detailed cost breakdown until the next meeting. OB muller wanted a showdown right away: elevator or no elevator? Six of the eleven committee members were in favor of this proposal. Narrow majority. The planner must therefore include the elevator in his further calculations and work.

Nevertheless, rosmarie richter (formerly etc, now UKB) did not want to accept the argument of OB siegfried muller (etc). "This will further delay the acceptance of m," muller had criticized. The reason, richter told him, was that consultant wolfgang popp had not been involved in time. The fact that he was able to follow the discussions about the district center in all city council meetings was obviously not enough.

The only speaker that evening who did not complain about a lack of involvement was andrea schmidt (odp). It may nevertheless have been the most unfortunate one. The social city and district demand officer had fought vehemently for the district center in recent months. "The space requirement has been calculated exactly," she recalled. "With the installation of an elevator we were missing at least one room". An argument that paid just as little as franz bohm’s (prokt) objection that the budget situation should not be ignored. 2.44 million euros have been allocated for the district center. "We’re going to end up with three million euros," bohm remarked. His demand: the 50,000 euros in additional costs had to be saved. Maybe astrid glos (SPD) will take over and save the situation. Glos is a consultant for integration.

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