Also the district administrator played

Also the district administrator played

-"come and play" is the name of the new event series of the rummelsberger diakonie in ebern. Landrat wilhelm schneider did not want to be told twice and visited the residential group for people with disabilities of the rummelsberger diakonie in the sutte in ebern.

In the rooms of the residential group and in the inner courtyard, the company "main connect" had installed various playing stations set up. The games in the gebaude were held under the motto "recognizing colors". In the courtyard there were throwing games for children and teenagers. In addition, there was a wheel of fortune and musical entertainment by manfred hauck.

The district administrator said that he was looking forward to playing together, because playing also requires good communication. The games are adapted to the age and abilities of the players. So everyone could participate.

In addition to the district administrator, the integration officer of the city of ebern, isabell zimmer, also played a role. And of course all the residents of the residential group tried out the various games. "It was so much fun again. The best was the game with the colored buckets. Really great", said pamela kruger. Employee oksana hennig agreed: "i love such days. That’s a successful change. The relationship between the residents is strengthened even more."

The afternoon of games was prepared by the women and men of the residential group together with the staff members. Everyone had worked hand in hand, said residential area manager anja hegen.

"Winning wasn’t important, it was the fun", said district administrator schneider afterwards. He also had the opportunity to get to know the residential group of the rummelsberger diakonie in ebern during the afternoon of play. In the future he would like to visit them more often, said the district administrator. If his schedule permits, he also wants to be there for the next afternoon of games. However, this will not take place in the residential group in the sutte, but in the residential group on the market square in ebern, namely on the old town festival monday, 22. July, from 1 to 5 p.M

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