A decorative box shines on

The festivities for the 125th anniversary. The jubilee of the church of the sacred heart in kremmeldorf began on friday with the mass of the sacred heart, which is celebrated in the small village every month. This time it was celebrated by pastor peter barthelme in concelebration with combonimissionary father andreas thorwarth. The kremmeldorf choir under the direction of franz-josef bickel sang several songs during the service.
At the following aperitif many people met on the square between the church and the youth center. To the "special surprise at about 10 p.M. Everyone gathered again in the church, which was illuminated by rene knauer with the help of different colored spotlights. Pastor peter barthelme, gudrun einwich and werner stumpf then recited meditative texts and bodo kabelitz, former musician with the bamberger symphoniker, framed the evening on his cello with the kurant by johann sebastian bach.

Flaming red

The chancel arch was constantly bathed in blue light, while the light direction moved from the sorrowful mother statue to that of the christ king, and finally to the high altar, which was finally illuminated in flaming red. The first day of the festival ended deeply moved by the impressions and thoughts.
On the sunday of the church consecration many houses of kremmeldorf were decorated with flags. Since there was not enough room in the small village church for all the faithful, the festive mass was also broadcast to auben via loudspeaker. In his short but pithy sermon, pastor barthelme began by recalling the origins of the church building. The people of kremmeldorf wanted their own church so that they would no longer have to walk to church services in peulendorf. He praised the little church as a decorative box that was not as sober as some concrete hall churches. "Our goal should be", according to barthelme in his sermon "to let something flow out of the service into the village community, to let a light radiate from the church."

Unique sound experience

The church choir together with franz blaschko and strings performed the "missa suavis est dominus – sub is the lord" of the banz benedictine priest valentin rathgeber on. The sonorous chorus, which parried all the high and low notes well, and the musicians, who played at a high level, loved to share a unique sound experience with the audience. At the end, they received well-deserved applause for their performance.
Father barthelme therefore thanked them as well as the chapel building association with its ruhrigen chairwoman gudrun einwich, the volunteer fire department, which helped to organize the church consecration and all the helpers who always take care of the maintenance of the house of god, as well as all believers for their visit.
During lunch, coffee and cake and also in the evening there was a lot of activity on the square at the fire station, because on all days there was the most beautiful summer weather, the nut and chestnut trees gave pleasant shade and everybody could have a great time. Gudrun einwich summed up: "it was a great 125th anniversary celebration of our church!"

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