59-Year-old man abuses nine-year-old girl 20 times

59-year-old man abuses nine-year-old girl 20 times

In at least 20 cases, a 58-year-old man from the district of forchheim is alleged to have sexually assaulted a girl who was nine years old at the time of the crime. The case is currently being heard on two trial days at the bamberg regional court.

However, the essential part took place at the request of the attorneys in camera. The man's defense attorney, gunter bierfelder, filed this motion because he felt that his client's legitimate interests had been affected. The representative of the plaintiff, andreas schwarz, was primarily concerned with protecting the honor of his minor client, who is now 14 years old.

After deliberating for about ten minutes, judge manfred schmidt decided to grant both motions – but not until the defendant and the main witness could be questioned on the matter.

The victim was not yet 14 years old

The series of assaults occurred in a period from summer 2007 to may 2010. The man was accused in particular of sexual acts that the girl, who was born in 1998, had to endure when she regularly visited the defendant. The man had known her true age, and in most cases it came to vaginal intercourse, rarely to other sexual acts.

The fact that the victim was under 14 years old, i.E. A child, at the time of the crime was particularly serious. The man did not even stop at oral sex. Often he found well-meaning words for his actions, that it was better to "get this over with now". At the same time, he told his victim not to tell anyone anything.

The questioning of the defendant, who has been in custody in bayreuth for eight months, was still public. The participants in the trial had to be very patient and often had to wait a long time for the answers. Hesitantly and haltingly the accused searched for words.

The man was born in czechoslovakia. In 1968, when he was 13 years old, he came to germany with his german-born mother and three siblings. He had graduated from high school, started an apprenticeship, but did not finish it. He gave "stateless" as his national status the reason given was that i did not know where i belonged."

The judge wanted to know whether he would decide to become a german citizen. The accused answered the question in the affirmative. Why he had not done this before? The answer: "I have made an effort". But that did not work because of my criminal record."

In fact, the move to germany had not been under a particularly favorable star from the very beginning. The children were distributed among various foster homes while the mother struggled to find work. The defendant spent a total of four years in various homes. He completed an apprenticeship as a waiter. He completed his education in hamburg.

Worked as a bus driver

Why hamburg? "I met a woman." This woman was a bit out of the ordinary, because she was already 48 years old, while he usually did not make a secret of his preference for very young girls.
Since 2006 he lives in the french part of switzerland, he is separated from his mother since 2010, because his daughter has ended the contact. "Have you ever worked for a longer period of time??" Asked judge schmidt. Probably only sporadically as a bus driver – he had made the bus driver's license through the employment office.

Daughter of the brother-in-law

And the girl he had been molesting? She was the fatherless daughter of her brother-in-law. At the moment, he is once again in custody, and if he got the chance, he would start all over again, especially since the quarrel with his younger wife had driven him into serious mental problems.

The questioning of his wife and the girl was then carried out in camera.

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